Extendable dining tables: the trick deco shopping you need to do before Christmas to make your living room look bigger

This season we have proposed help you your house seems much bigger without removals or reforms. And we are going to achieve it. We have already given you the best tips for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. But, this time, we go a step further and do an essential shopping for the celebration of Christmas: As the expert in beautiful tables Beatriz Saratrústegui reminded us, the size of the table does matter, but that does not mean that you always have to have one set up for twelve people presiding over your small room and making it tiny. That’s what they are for the extendable tables, and we have found the most beautiful ones.

This extendable dining table from Maisons du Monde costs 919 euros. / dr

Christmas is a time of celebration, and on these dates, we dress up our party homes not only for ourselves, but also to receive and honor our guests. As in almost everything in Mediterranean culture, the table is the epicenter of the meetings, and in addition to making it beautiful and preparing an exquisite menu worthy of the Isabel Preysler house, we must be comfortable to create a relaxed atmosphere that makes them feel at home. The big problem? That we do not usually have enough space for it. until we bought ourselves an extendable dining table and our problems are over.

This extendable wooden table from Banak is discounted to 499 euros. / dr

Versatile and multifunctional furniture is one of the tricks that works best to make spaces appear larger and, in this case, with a very simple and fast gesture like opening the wings or adding an extra board we can ensure that the table of four people at which we eat every day can comfortably accommodate a much larger number. The decoration at the time of assembling tablecloths, crockery, glassware and other utensils and ornaments will be the ones that finish making the difference.

This extendable dining table from El Corte Inglés costs 990 euros.

In wood, metal and even glass (which makes the space look even bigger), in colors ranging from natural to black, lacquered white or metallic; d e minimalist, modern or classic style, in our deco stores we find stylish proposals in which, in addition, the price is not a problem: we have even found them for less than 250 euros.

This extendable glass and metal table from IKEA costs 249 euros. / dr

We’re sorry, We have left you with no excuses for not organizing the best dinners at your home.

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