Exercises with the landmine to strengthen the gluteus

Working with the landmine is a good option to get firm and attractive buttocks. Discover some recommended exercises.

Last update: 28 March, 2022

There are a number of exercises with land mine that help strengthen the gluteus. Usually, This helps to improve the figure and have a better posture, both in the case of women and men. What does this tool consist of?

The land mine It is a base attached to the ground, with a tube in which a bar is placed, which is anchored. This mechanism allows you to move the weight freely, at different angles and in all directions. Thus, it can be used in multiple exercises.

Although it is mainly used to work the shoulders and arms, it is also it is useful for doing squats, press banking, strengthen the entire middle zone, among other options. In this case, we focus on its use for strengthening the gluteus.

The best exercises with landmine to strengthen the gluteus

The barbell workout land mine provides additional benefits to conventional work with dumbbells or bars. For example, it provides greater stability, which also allows better coordination of movements.

Although it allows to work the whole body, in this case we detail the recommended exercises to strengthen the gluteal area. Do you dare to practice them?

The landmine is an ideal tool to work the upper and lower body.

squat or squat frontal

This exercise allows us to work the quadriceps and the glutes. The biceps are also activated. In addition, we achieve greater volume and strength in the legs. A 2021 study shows how bodybuilders uniquely increase muscle when performing different squat variations.

Similarly, it was observed that the activation of the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and lower back in different variations has implications for resistance training. Let’s see how it is done step by step.

  • To start, we take the bar by the end and bring it to the chest.
  • Then, we bend our knees and bring our hips back to perform the squat.
  • The torso should always remain straight.
  • When we descend, the elbows should touch the thighs.
  • We repeat the movement until completing 3 series of 12 repetitions.

Dead weight

The deadlift is great for strengthening your hamstrings and glutes. If we do it with landmine, we get some additional benefits and it also decreases the risk of injury. If we want to add difficulty, we can place an elastic band between the bar and the feet. Next, each detail for the realization of the exercise.

  • We position ourselves against the bar and hold the end between the legs with both hands.
  • Next, we do a hip flexion to bring the body forward, so that the arms carry the load down.
  • It is also recommended to bend the knees slightly.
  • Now, we descend until the puck hits the ground.
  • The trunk to always remain stable.
  • Then, we return to the starting position and repeat the exercise 12 times, until completing 3 series.

One leg deadlift

Another way to strengthen the gluteus with the land mine it is through unilateral work. This implies having greater balance. In any case, doing it with this tool helps us to achieve it more easily compared to dumbbells. It is carried out in the following way.

  • We stand in front of the bar, but this time we hold it with one hand.
  • We raise the foot on the same side with which we take the bar.
  • The supporting leg may be slightly bent.
  • We must raise the rear leg backwards, while the trunk leans forward, until a straight line is formed.
  • Return to the starting position —slowly— and repeat the activity 10 or 12 times, until completing 3 series.

backward stride

The traditional strides allow us to strengthen the quadriceps. However, the backward version involves more hip flexion, making it a good option for strengthen the buttocks and hamstrings The activity is carried out as follows.

  • We take the bar with our hands by the end. The torso is always straight.
  • Next, we take one leg back and bend the knee until it touches the ground.
  • We stand up with a controlled movement.
  • We repeat the exercise with the same leg until the series is completed. About 12 reps and 3 sets.
  • Then, the work is done with the other leg

Benefits of working with the bar anchored

The barbell workout land mine it is ideal for strengthening the gluteus; in fact, activates almost all muscle fibers. This allows you to exercise the body in a more balanced way compared to other types of exercises.

This is how a comparison work that details the differences between working with the anchored bar and the squat exposes it goblet. In this regard, he maintains that the land mine it can be useful to balance the activity of the hamstrings with the quadriceps, increasing the horizontal load and reducing the vertical load.

Other benefits of routines with this tool are the following:

  • It is ideal for beginners, as it allows better control over movements.
  • Improves stability and coordination.
  • It activates all core, beyond the exercise being performed.
  • It allows you to train almost all the muscles that can be activated with a conventional bar.
  • It gives great results without using too much load.
  • Increases muscle mass, power and endurance.
  • Reduces the load on the joints. It is ideal if we are recovering from an injury and also for people with reduced mobility.
  • Promotes metabolism.
The landmine allows you to work several muscle groups simultaneously. Therefore, it is recommended to strengthen the buttocks.

The landmine is ideal for strengthening the gluteus

The bar land mine It is a good option for performing multiple exercises. Makes work easier for beginners, since It allows better control of the load and greater stability.

Although we have emphasized the exercises for the glutes, it is also possible to work other muscle groups. For this reason, more and more gyms incorporate it into their facilities.

Now, to use it correctly, the ideal is to seek professional help. A trainer can adjust the activities based on our goals. Thus, your profits are maximized.

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