Exercises and tips to eliminate cellulite in legs and buttocks

Cellulite affects most women and getting rid of it is not an easy task. This type of problem can cause us insecurity when it comes to wearing any skirt, bikini or garment that exposes the areas affected by this problem. If you want significantly reduce cellulite, perform these exercises, follow our advice and we guarantee that your 'bikini operation' will be a success.

The formation of adipose nodules of fat in different parts of the body affects both overweight and thin women. Cellulite or 'orange skin'tends to accumulate especially in hips, waist and legs. To eliminate it, it is necessary to practice exercise, eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. Massages with some anti-cellulite cream help to mobilize the fat and make the nodules smaller.


Basic exercises to say goodbye to the 'orange peel':

one- Jump rope: It is one of the most complete cardio exercises, because it involves a large number of muscles, especially those of the legs. You will manage to burn a high number of calories in a short time without leaving home.

two- Squats: It is the star exercise to get a perfectly toned rear.

3- Strides or 'lunges': The longer the step taken, the more load we put on the muscle. With this exercise we will work quadriceps, gluteal biceps, femoral, lumbar, 'core' and twins.

4- The burpees (or frog jump): Through this type of jumps, we get to burn fat and tone different muscle groups at once.

5- Cardio workout: Fundamental to burn calories, lose weight and look skin cellulite free. You can jog, ride a bike, practice spinning or go for a walk.

Secrets to plant cellulite:

– Take a healthy and balanced diet to debug Estrogens to improve blood circulation and combat fluid retention. Forget about fried foods, pastries, refined sugars …

– You must drink at least a liter and a half of water a day, so you will facilitate the expulsion of toxins.

– Do not use tight clothes and high heels because it hinders blood circulation and increases fluid retention.

Say goodbye to tobacco and alcohol: Smoking produces alterations in the microcirculation, decreases the oxygenation of the tissues and increases the free radicals of the skin. Excess alcohol generates an increase in accumulated fat.

– Dúchate with cold water, this will facilitate blood flow.

– Avoid spending too much time standing or sitting: It will help you to hide the 'orange skin' as well as the appearance of varicose veins.