Exercises and recommendations to achieve a muscle up

If you want to be at a higher level of training, the exercises and recommendations to achieve a muscle up are the most suitable for you. Here you will know a demanding way to strengthen your arms and your back.

Last update: 05 March, 2022

The exact translation of muscle-up refers to ‘muscles up’. In effect, when you do it you raise your muscles above the bar or the rings.

The concept arises from sports gymnastics, to later be replicated to calisthenics, which consists of a training system with exercises developed with your own body weight. It is an advanced degree of training, which requires a strength of core solid.

When doing push and pull movements, you require coordination and brute force. There are many muscles that are part of this activity. Among them, the latissimus dorsi, the deltoids, the biceps, the triceps, the trapezius, the pectorals and the muscles of the abdomen stand out. core.

What do I need to achieve my first muscle up?

The fundamental thing is that you understand how the exercise is carried out, because that will define your success in the routine. At muscle-up you pull your body up through a rocking movement called kicking. This will help propel you up. Then you have to push to raise your trunk above the bar or rings.

You also need to strengthen your back and arms through exercises that we will recommend later. But additionally, you have to practice the effort that the muscle-up. For that, you can start at the bar with the support of a chair or a bench that allows you to rehearse the movement.

The rings are an ideal implement for those who are advanced in the technique of muscle-up.

Recommended exercises to achieve a muscle up

The way to achieve muscle-up it is determined by a series of activities that strengthen every part of your body. Therefore, you must practice them before starting. The ideal exercises are the following.


This is a strength routine in which your body weight is the load. It consists of holding on to a fixed bar so that you hang from that point with your arms outstretched. Then, you flex your limbs until you exceed the bar with your chin. The best thing is that you strengthen your arms, back and abdomen.

There are different types of grip, but among the most used is the prone; here the palms of the hands should be down. In the supine grip they look up. The neutral grip is done with the palms facing each other.

side pulls

They are developed on a pulley machine in which you hold a bar that you will pull to your body. In the pulley you select the appropriate load for your capacity.

You can also adapt different grips to energize the routine. Sit down, leaving your legs under the support roller, with your heels just below your knees. Next, make a very wide grip and begin to lower the bar with the same intensity in both arms. When the grip reaches chest height you will have finished the journey.

TRX strips

TRX are part of suspension training. You just need a high point to attach the rope that has grips on the ends. Later, you spread your feet shoulder-width apart and lean back with your arms outstretched. Shrug your arms until you bring your hands to your chest.

hollow body rocks

This routine seeks to imitate the legs of a rocking chair. It gives strength to the trunk and all the extremities.

Begin by lying on your back on a mat, stretch your feet and arms above your head. Keep your back straight and begin to lift both limbs off the ground.

In that position, proceed to rock your body like a rocking chair, without taking your back off the ground. Do the rocking for 1 minute. Gradually increase the resistance time.

You should get to about 10 reps of pull-ups to know you can advance to muscle-up.

Recommendations to avoid injuries when trying the muscle up

It is essential that you carry out each training with serenityunderstanding that it will not be the speed, the speed or the number of repetitions performed that will guarantee you meet the muscle-up. You also have the opportunity to level your training from the repetitions that your body resists, without tiring it.

Demand a little more each week, until you reach the maximum point that allows you to comfortably achieve the muscle-up. Due to the great physical demand that it has, it is crucial that you strengthen your mind and the thoughts that help you achieve it.

Focus on the good and what you like about each exercise. Thus, you gain more confidence in your skills and physical abilities.

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