Exercises and feeding tips to avoid bat arms (especially if you are losing weight)

We agree that life would be much easier if we could choose the areas of the body where we want to lose weight. Something like a, "lose a couple of inches here and there on demand" would be the most logical thing to do. However, the human body is anything but logical and the truth is that, if you have ever been on a diet, you will know (like a servant) that it is also totally unpredictable.

You want to lose a little belly, the first thing you lose weight is your collarbone – yes, you can lose weight from there, surprisingly. Then comes the change in the face, then in the breasts, precisely the place that you would like to leave as it is and after that, the hips. When you get to the belly, you are most likely bored of the caloric restriction (unnecessary. As a reminder: here are the diets that you should never do) that you have been subjected to, so the task will be half done. It sounds cliché, but healthy eating is always the key to achieving long-term goals. And much more important, quality of life.


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For this reason (and from experience) it is almost impossible to focus on a part of the body to tone without taking into account the whole. Especially if we are talking about the arms. If you are following an eating plan designed to lose weight, this will be the part of the body where it takes the longest to notice the difference. And it is also one of the most difficult areas to tone and that first suffer the ravages of rapid weight loss with consequences that are difficult to solve. Yes, the dreaded flaccidity. What's more, the worst thing you can do if you want to lose weight and get a toned body is to undergo a miraculous diet with a very fast weight loss (and impossible to maintain over time), because that's when the dreaded 'flaps' arrive. A healthy diet combined with sports and specific triceps exercises is the only way to achieve defined arms.

The maxim of the specialists when we talk about losing weight is to do it slowly, for two reasons. The first, you will be able to create a healthy eating habit, so you will not regain the lost weight once you reach your goal. And the second, it will be much easier to tone up if you combine diet with exercise. We must bear in mind that fat is not lost in a localized way, but in an integral way throughout the body, so losing fat in the arms will be the consequence of a diet intended to lose weight globally. Toning, especially in this very specific area, is one of the main tasks focusing on triceps exercises that tone the muscle.


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What exercises should you carry out? With high / moderate weight, low impact and in many repetitions to get muscle tone. Of course, the results will not be immediate, but in the long run, you will be able to tone them if you are constant. Neither push-ups nor 'push ups' nor barbell lifts (does that still exist?), Tone the arms at the level of Doña Letizia (or Jennifer Aniston, a fan of intermittent fasting for fitness) is a full-time job. And to make this farewell trip to the 'blandiblu' more bearable, we show you below the exercises with water bottles that you can do at home. The key? Reps, reps, and reps.

The feeding is also key When it comes to saying goodbye to bat arms: say goodbye to ultra-processed foods, refined foods, sugars and saturated fats, not only to lose weight, but to lead a healthier lifestyle. Finding yourself better and having more energy will be just some of the pros of this choice.

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