Exercise your neurons discovering the hidden names in each word

This challenge will test your brain. Dare to do it!

Last update: 08 September, 2022

Neuronal and visual agility allow you to realize very important aspects. Many experts have created test in order for people to assess how their skills are and, at the same time, they can train them.

In this article we bring you a test that will put your brain and your eyes to work to the fullest. You dare? Ahead!

The test

On this occasion, we will show you a series of graphic pieces that have a word that, if organized in another way, reveals the name of an animal. Therefore, the goal is that you can discover them all.

At this point it should be clarified that only a small group manages to finish the test without making mistakes. Could it be that you can belong to it? Get ready and let’s get started!

1. Discovering the animal

Look very carefully at the word that we are going to show you next and try to decipher what its true order is.

You have it? That’s how it is! The correct answer was ORCA.

2. Who will it be?

In this word it is camouflaging an animal that does not want you to discover it. Will he get away with it or will you be able to find out who he is?

Clever? Very well! If you concluded that it was the DONKEY, you were right.

3. Continuing the search

Although this word makes sense because it forms a proper noun, the idea is that you rearrange it to reveal the name of an animal. Start!

Did you find the answer? Here we show you the graphic piece with the correct order so you can check it.

4. Who will it be?

As on this occasion we are talking about animals and not means of transport, you have to detect which is the being that uses these same words.

Bingo! The animal of this level was the COBRA.

5. Rearranging the word

The word in this picture needs to be changed to reveal the name of an animal. Will you be the one to make it?

Have you thought of an answer yet? Look at the graphic piece that has the indicated name.

6. What is the one that does not want to be seen?

An animal changed the order of the letters so that you do not know that we are referring to it. Analyze the graphic piece.

Did you find it? We want to tell you that if you thought about the JAGUAR, you are at a high level and you deserve a sincere congratulations.

7. Ordering the word

We have reached the point where the difficulty increases. Look as closely as possible to see if you can get it right.

Do you already know what the animal in this section is? Correct! It is the BOAR.

8. Unmask the animal

This word agreed to change its order to make things difficult for you. However, you can use your skills to achieve your goal.

Have you already detected it? Yes! In this case we are talking about the GACELA.

9. A word with a high degree of complexity

The order of this word seeks to confuse you as much as possible, but you have time to do everything possible to continue overcoming obstacles.

Could you rearrange it? Here is a graphic piece. that will let you know if you really succeeded at this level.

10. Who is hidden behind that word?

This animal used all its sagacity so that you cannot know about it. You will get it?

The time has come to reveal the answer. That’s why, we want to tell you that if you thought of the MEDUSA, you are the one who has won this duel.

11. The word that is helping an animal

Here we can only tell you that the person involved is blue; the rest is up to you.

Did you find out? This image will let you know.

12. Looking for a new meaning to the word

This level also has hint. Therefore, we indicate that this animal can be lethal to humans. Which?

Exact! By rearranging the word, the correct answer is SCORPION

13. The Final Word

Finally, this animal has scales throughout its entire body. Who is it about?

That’s how it is! The SERPENT is the one who did not want to be discovered.

We have reached the end of the test. Could you have a 100% hit? Let us know and challenge everyone you know!

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