Exercise the healing light: take positive energy where you need it most

To check the power of healing in our body, it is enough to have something as simple as observing the way a wound heals little by little over the course of days. All the time there are imperceptible movements in our interior that try to balance us, take care of us, keep us healthy.

Medicine can help us, of course, but the healing power is first within each one of us, and this also includes the emotional. For we are whole, whole beings, where what happens in one of our bodies – be it physical, mental or emotional – reverberates in others. If not, we could not explain why stress, which is a physical reaction to a real danger, occurs when we worry or overload tasks, since technically that real danger does not exist as such.

Surrounding us are also sources of vital energy that we can use when we need it. That vital energy some know as "prana", "chi" or "ki".

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We can take prana through breathing, for example, or also from the sun, earth, water, food, nature, crystals and sacred places, among others.

In truth, we constantly draw vital energy from some of those sources, but we are not aware of it. For example, while reading this note you are breathing, even if you do not pay attention. If you feel bad, physically, mentally or emotionally, you may need to take more prana and redirect it to those particular points that you feel need more energy.

Well, that's what this is about exercise of healing light, that you can make aware where you direct the energy you take to feel better.

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To do so, look for a comfortable and quiet place. Light a candle and put it in front of you. Turn off the light and remain silent for a few minutes. Concentrate on your breathing, on how the air enters slowly and comes out slowly through your nose.

Now, in your next inhalation, bring your hands close to the candle, at a distance that allows you to feel its warmth with your palms without burning. Inhale and exhale several times, perceiving the heat of the fire. Now, when inhaling, visualize how that energy enters your hands and, when exhaling, take them to where you think you need it most.

It can be your head, your stomach, your back, your eyes, your heart, or any other part of your body where you feel pain or where you can locate an emotion that affects you. For example, your throat if you think you have something choked that you can not or do not dare to express; or your legs, if you think you're not moving towards where it makes you happy. Remember: we are one; do not see everything separately. The physical has its emotional correlate, and vice versa.

Close your meditation after a few times to repeat this dynamic of inhaling and mentally bring the light with the warmth of your hands where you need to heal.

Turn off the candle and take a few minutes to thank and ask for what you feel is important. Listen without judging. Let your heart take over with each beat to activate your own healing power.


Sanacion pranica violeta

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