Exercise is vital but … What are the four best foods to lose weight?

Slim down is not easy. It requires physical effort and on many occasions also monetary, all in pursuit of getting 'the best version of yourself' or that body you've been dreaming of for a long time. As it is not something easy, sometimes it is quite difficult to resist the temptation, especially if you do not see changes in your body despite all the effort you are making.

As is natural, spades between hours. Especially if you are following a restrictive diet with which you are hungry 24/7. However, pecking is not bad as long as you choose favorable foods, as explained in 'Daily Mail' the nutritionist Susie Burrell: "If you need some inspiration to eat something healthy, these are the best (and worst) options to choose as a 'snack'".

Greek yogurt with berries

They contain protein and calcium and are a perfect nutritional combination. Contrary to what you might think, yogurt contains very little sugar, so it will keep the levels of glucose in your blood. Forest fruits or berries are low in calories and full of fiber, so they are not only tasty but also very healthy.

Beans and chickpeas

Who isn't going to love hummus? Fava beans and chickpeas are perfect nutritional options because they are low in calories and contain a good source of fiber. "They can be purchased in packages that have slightly controlled portions and are perfect as a snack before your next meal, "says Susie, who is also in favor of Japanese edamame (green soybean pods), which are much better than having kikos or pipes.

It is also important to control the portions of the 'snacks' so as not to overdo it, no matter how healthy they may be

Broad beans and chickpeas too contain iron and protein which are essential for the health of muscles and bones.


We were talking about kikos and pipes but we haven't said anything about nuts. They are an excellent snack because contain carbohydrates that are necessary to satisfy your appetite and restore blood glucose levels. "If you can eat them in a bar, the better, that way you will make sure you don't overeat"; adds the nutritionist.

Wholegrain cheese and crackers

According to Susie, cheese, contrary to popular belief, besides being delicious is an excellent option. "It's rich in nutrients and packed with protein, calcium and magnesium," he says. "When combined with whole grain cookies it offers a perfect balance between protein and carbohydrates", Add.

What not

These are the food which, however, you should avoid.

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Rice cakes. They are a concentrated source of processed carbohydrates and actually offer very little protein and fiber, even if you think otherwise.

Cookies (normal). They can be delicious but they are definitely not very nutritious and contain flour and sugar.

Fruit juice. Unlike the fruit itself, the juice does not offer the fiber that the fruit alone does. In addition, it contains simple sugars and is a concentrated source of calories.