Exemplary father with Down Syndrome fought for his son to enter university

This story is an example to overcome the difficulties of the road. Learn how this father managed to get his son to graduate and have a profession.

Last update: 15 March, 2022

An exemplary father is the guide and the best support for his children in any circumstance, but above all he gives his heart unconditionally. A dad is responsible, protective, gives tools to his heirs and does everything in his power to guarantee them a good future.

From afar, this description seems like a list of features that all dads should have. And if this were the case, the protagonist of this story would fit the profile perfectly.

What this man did for his son is a clear sign that, to give love to the family, it is only necessary to have the disposition to do it. In this case, this man with Down syndrome supported his son to get into college and set an example of life that everyone should follow. Know this magnificent story.

A father with Down syndrome did his best for his son

Sader Issa is a 23-year-old Syrian man, who in 2019 revealed the moving story of his family. Full of pride, this boy reported that he was studying dentistry thanks to the support of his father, Jad Issa. What was striking for some people is that he is a person with Down syndrome, but this was not a condition for the 47-year-old man.

My father has done everything possible to ensure a normal life for me, like that of any other child. He has also been my greatest financial and psychological support during my studies and for all this, I am very proud and grateful.

~Sadr Issa~

Sader showed that he feels very lucky to have an exemplary father who has fought from the first moment for him to be happy. For this reason, he shared with the public the importance of having his loved ones and valuing every effort they made for him.

The difficulties of this exemplary father

Unfortunately, many people would believe that a person with Down syndrome cannot achieve what this father did for his son. But there is no more wrong guess. In fact, one of the difficulties that Sader confessed to having with his father is that there is a lot of misinformation and discrimination in Syria.

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According to the young man, people often believe that people with Down syndrome depend on others. However, the Issa are a faithful proof of the opposite. Well, Sader’s father dedicated himself to working in a wheat factory and was the economic support of his son to fulfill the goal of being a dentist.

For this boy it is a source of pride that his father has given him so much affection. In addition, despite the ridicule, Sader ignored them and paid attention to what was really important: his family and his studies.

“He has done everything possible so that I had everything I needed as a child. That has driven me to give everything of myself”the dentist pointed out. In this way, he gave a useful lesson to the world, because with his experience he made clear the importance of not being carried away by appearances and avoiding labels.

Jad and Sader, an exemplary bond

The testimony of this family serves as an invitation to society to be better people. The traits, skills and virtues of each are valuable and no one has the right to underestimate them.

Forgetting labels means eliminating the limitations that we set for ourselves in order to live together as a community. And it is that people with different abilities also have a lot to contribute. This was demonstrated by Sader’s father and many other people in this town.

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