EVOO, or how to stop aging with liquid gold

He is the king of the Mediterranean gastronomic culture and one of the best anti-aging allies. The extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is very appreciated both in kitchen and in cosmetics, you just have to know how to choose the one that has the most benefits and that depends on several factors. We tell you how the EVOO can be one of the best anti-aging treatments that exist.

Liquid gold

This has been described and undoubtedly deserves that name. EVOO is credited with cardiosaludable, neuroprotective properties, keeps cholesterol at bay and strengthens the immune system. And with these properties it would be a wonderful superfood, but the thing is not there, too It is digestive, has multiple vitamins, keeps bones strong, healthy skin and also helps you lose weight. There are a thousand and one reasons why you should always have good extra virgin olive oil at home.


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It contains fatty acids very beneficial for health, oleic acid, Vitamin E and polyphenols, highly antiox substances. In fact it is one of the anti-aging foods par excellence.

Antiage properties of extra virgin olive oil

Although the passage of time is inexorable, there are factors that accelerate cell aging by the action of free radicals. Stress, pollution, poor eating habits, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, taking medications or hormonal fluctuations They are stressors that cause wrinkles, flabbiness, skin problems, inflammatory diseases, chronic, cognitive problems, loss of strength … a damage that can be stopped leading a healthy life based on good nutrition, regular physical exercise and adequate rest.

To prevent this oxidative stress and fight the damages associated with free radicals, antioxidants are the key and the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best antioxidant sources we have in our cuisine.

Harvesting the olive

Courtesy of Hacienda Guzmán

"Virgin olive oils are unique oils in the world not only for their organoleptic characteristics but for their composition in minority components. Of these, polyphenols should be noted, molecules such as hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol or Europein among others. These molecules, present in the olive, They have a high antioxidant power, since their function is to protect the fruit from oxidative damage", Explains Álvaro Guillén, CEO of the Hacienda Guzmán olive farm.

Being such a versatile product, not only will it combat this premature cellular aging from the table but it also does it in a topical way, the most important thing to determine its quality is to know its origin. "By extracting these molecules under the optimal conditions for obtaining extra quality virgin olive oils, they pass to the oil. In this way, both as a food and as a cosmetic product, virgin olive oils are an essential element to fight against the symptoms of aging, providing an extra ration of natural antioxidants to the organism "Guillén points out.

Courtesy of Hacienda Guzmán

Difference between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil

It seems that talking about olive oils are all equally healthy and, while it is true that it is a great option and one of the best alternatives to other refined oils, there are notable differences that make the EVOO fall into the category of excellence and that have led him to be considered one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Olive oil the less chemical processes pass the purer it will be. The EVOO is produced in a first cold pressing, without the need to refine it using artificial products, while the labeling as olive oil comes from a second pressing after processing the extra virgin. It is still a quality oil but its health benefits are not as powerful as those of EVOO.

You will also find products that appear with the name of light or intense olive oil, these oils have passed a chemical process in which high temperatures have been used and their nutritional value is therefore altered. The EVOO can be found in darkened glass bottles, or in metal containers as the light can alter the composition and taste of the product. Plastic bottles would be the least recommended option when choosing a package.


If you cook with olive oil, keep in mind that it degrades at high temperatures so it will release harmful substances, it is better to cook with it in average temperatures. It is not advisable to reuse it or, at least, not to do it more than once.

The oil burns earlier the purer, so the EVOO would have its smoke point (the point at which it burns and begins to degrade) at 130ºC, while olive oil has it at 215ºC (slightly less than the coconut that has its point at 230 ° C), so it would be safer to cook if you are going to make an intense fire. If you are going to take the raw oil, always choose extra virgin olive oil, is the healthiest option for all its properties.

How you will see the Mediterranean diet gives us some foods that could almost be considered natural medicines given their beneficial properties for health. If you want to combat premature aging do not hesitate to add to your dishes EVOO, it is the final touch (of gold) to your healthy elaborations.

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