Everything you need to know to eliminate or improve dark circles

In this text we indicate everything you need to know to eliminate or improve dark circles. Do not forget that they not only manifest as dark coloration, but also as flaccidity or thickening around the eyes.

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What are dark circles?

Its technical name isidiopathic hyperchromia of the orbital ring”. It is an alteration in the color of the skin of the eyelids, caused by an excess of melanin. Also, it happens due to a dilation of the capillaries.

It is classified as one of the signs on the face that indicate a lack of sleep, stress, health problems or a poor diet. Dark circles are normal with the passage of age, being negative as they are premature.

Being something unaesthetic, people often ask how to remove dark circles. A first tip is to take a Healthy life. For example, sleeping an adequate amount of hours for each day and with a good diet.

Some tips to remove dark circles

This discoloration under the eyes is not aesthetic at all. In addition, it tends to age the face and denotes poor health. Therefore, it is necessary to attend to this inconvenience, not just make it up. We leave some tips below.

Improve rest: it is paramount. You should sleep at least 8 hours a day. However, the quality of rest also influences: without stress and without having eaten heavy meals before going to bed.

Take care of the diet: you need to check the food. Foods with a lot of fat, as well as the deficit of certain vitamins cause this problem. Also, excess salt that triggers fluid retention.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco: Both nicotine and alcohol damage the liver. It happens that the problems in this organ are manifested with dark circles.

Creams: there are creams formulated to stop, or attenuate, the dilation of blood vessels that give rise to the appearance of dark circles. However, they must be correctly formulated and applied without strong friction.

Draining assets: in certain cases, dark circles imply accumulation of liquids. When this happens, in addition to being dark, they have the appearance of “bags or inflammation”. There are creams that have draining assets for it.

Prevent flaccidity from lasting: many times, dark circles that have lasted a long time, leave sagging skin as a consequence. This problem must be addressed with collagen treatments so that it does not happen.

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Do you have this inconvenience on your face? You already know that you should attend to it, although many times it is the manifestation of another more serious matter. In that case, there are always ways to prevent it from being something permanent.




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