Everything you need to know about your metabolism to help you lose weight and lose weight

If you are one of the lucky ones that you can eat whatever you want because it “burns it”, you don't have to keep reading. But if you are one of those who gets fat by staring at a cookieIt may be time for you to learn exactly what metabolism is and how its activation can help you lose weight. It is time for nature to lend you a hand and take your part to help you lose weight. The key is to know everything about it and how you can speed it up.

What is metabolism and how does it influence our weight

To sum it up a lot, metabolism is the set of chemical reactions that are triggered in our body to give energy to its cells and that we can do from the simplest (breathe or digest) to the most complicated (to run a marathon). Although it also has another role, transforming the small molecules of nutrients that the intestine absorbs into larger molecules that we need in the organs and tissues.


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The metabolism fulfills the same functions in all of us, but the metabolic rate of each person is that, personal and non-transferable, because it depends on many factors: how high or low it is, age, sex, hormones, the amount of muscle mass you have … Genes, of course, also have something to say in this: there are people whose metabolism is genetically engineered to be very efficient accumulating energy for the future, they are people who tend to have a low metabolic rate, that is, their body burns fewer calories to achieve the same results.

Can we "speed up" our metabolic rate to help us lose weight?

That we have a natural tendency to expend fewer calories than the person next to us does not imply that we cannot lose weight. A person's metabolic rate is not constant, it varies throughout the day, and there are methods to "speed up" it a bit. For example, the type of food we put on the plate is very important to increase the average daily calorie expenditure a little by increasing our resting metabolic rate by up to a third.

The key to putting metabolism and our menus on our side has to take into account what we eat and when we eat it and the magic word is… protein. Must include healthy protein at every meal of the day, from breakfast to dinner. When you eat protein rich foods 20-30% of the energy from that protein is dissipated as heat because it increases your resting metabolic rate. If we substitute the same amount of food rich in protein for another rich in carbohydrates, this result is reduced to 5-10% and for fats it is even lower, 3-5%.


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Including protein in each meal is especially interesting when you are on a diet, because by reducing the daily amount of calories we eat muscle mass may be lost, which slows down metabolism. With high-protein diets what is achieved is that, if they are combined with strength exercises, that muscle mass is maintained, preventing the metabolism from slowing down.

The ideal way to lose weight by putting our metabolism on our side is to do a balanced and healthy diet in which 500 calories a day are sacrificed in the form of fat and carbohydrates but not proteins or nutrients. To guarantee results, this diet must be combined with resistance and strength exercise routines and cardiovascular activities of moderate intensity but one hour in duration.

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