Everything you need to know about arthritis socks

Arthritis socks are an ideal complement to reduce pain and swelling. We tell you more about its advantages and characteristics.

Last update: 30 January, 2022

Arthritis socks are a good alternative for reduce the annoying symptoms caused by this disease. They not only help to experience a greater sensation of relief in the feet, but also in the ankles and knees.

As some know, this condition causes pain, swelling, and stiffness. In fact, in the most severe cases, it causes deformity in some areas of the body, such as the feet. Fortunately, accessories such as these types of socks help counteract these discomforts. How do they work? What types are there? Here we detail it.

What are arthritis socks?

Arthritis socks—or arthritis compression socks—are garments designed specifically for people with arthritis. The goal in using them is to reduce symptoms by gentle pressure on the affected joints.

Sometimes this condition causes a buildup of fluid in the joint. In turn, this leads to inflammation of the surrounding soft tissues. In this sense, what these special socks do is reduce swelling and promote good blood flow to the muscles and joints.

In addition, decreases the feeling of numbness and sensitivity that the feet usually suffer due to inflammation. The best? They are usually made of a soft and breathable cotton material that does not cause discomfort during daily activities.

Arthritis socks help alleviate symptoms such as inflammation and pain.

What are arthritis socks like?

There are many types of socks for arthritis. These can be short, so that they only reach the ankle; or long, when they reach the knee or above. In any case, they are garments whose design exerts greater pressure in the lower area, that is, in the ankles and feet.

Their main purpose is to decrease the level of pressure as they move up the leg. With this, the blood flows more optimally to the heart. According to the need of each person, They can be worn at thigh height or below the knee.

In general terms, they are indicated for those patients with arthritis of the knee or ankles. These areas are well covered and, with this, the aforementioned benefits are obtained.

Types of socks for arthritis

Several types of arthritis socks have been created with the aim that they can be adapted to the different needs of patients with this condition. The most common are detailed below.

compression socks

The classic socks to reduce the symptoms of this disease are the so-called “compression” ones. Within this group there are several subtypes, such as the following:

  • compression stockings dr scholl. They have a support for the arch of the foot, in order to reduce fatigue in the lower extremities. They have additional padding in the heel and toe.
  • compression socks Sockwell. They are softer and warmer because they are made with merino wool-based yarn.
  • compression socks Dr Comfort. They are made of nylon and spandex; This means that for many people they are more comfortable than others, since they are neither too loose nor too tight. They stimulate circulation throughout the foot.
  • Zip Compression Socks. They have a side closure that facilitates their use.

padded socks

The main feature of padded socks is that offer greater cushioning in the contact between the feet and the ground. They have an additional layer that prevents bruises and abrasions. There are also several types.

  • padded Thorlos. Made with acrylic yarn. They are warm, elastic and soft. Some have the potential to absorb moisture during exercise. They come in different heights and models.
  • with padded sole Orthofeet. They have a seamless design and are listed as “extremely comfortable”. There are small, medium, large and extra large.
  • with gel lining wear ever. The padding is made of a gel containing vitamin E and lavender. In this way, they hydrate the feet while offering them cushioning.

heated socks

Arthritis is a condition that is made worse by cold and, at the same time, responds well to heat. Because, socks have been designed with thermal characteristics. Its goal is to reduce pain and increase mobility. Within this group we find two types:

  • Heatable Zacro. They have a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts 19 hours. They distribute heat evenly and allow you to choose the temperature that best suits the particular needs of each patient.
  • terms NY Golden Fashion. They are made with high impact acrylic yarn. They create pockets of heat that stimulate the circulation of the feet. They are soft and warm; In addition, they do not cause itching.

accessories for socks

Nowadays there are also several types of devices that complement the effects of these socks. Its function is to help put them on or take them off easily, without risks. They are ideal for those with limited mobility or who have recently undergone surgery. Among the most common aids are the following:

  • Flexible support for socks and stockings Relaxus. Help to put on all kinds of socks for arthritis. It is a device that has an inner layer of nylon and a grip strap.
  • help for socks DMI Deluxe. It facilitates the position of the socks while sitting. It has a non-slip, plush cover that provides great safety.
  • RMS compression stockings. Helps take off arthritis socks by anti-slip device. It is easy to transport.
  • Compression socks Jobst Donner. Offers easy-grip foam handles. It makes it very easy to put on and take off the socks.

How are socks used for arthritis?

Arthritis socks are available over the counter; therefore, many people buy them at pharmacies or specialized stores without any problem. Those with lighter compression are often chosen, which usually provides a good amount of benefits.

However, ideally, it is the doctor who indicates which are the most appropriate for each case. The maximum compression ones are usually the best, but their placement is often difficult, especially when people have limited mobility.

If so, it is best to use them with the aids that we saw in the previous section. On the other hand, Make sure your feet are clean and dry. without applying lotions or creams. In case of discomfort when using them, it is best to consult a doctor.

Arthritis socks are usually very tight; therefore, patients with limited mobility require assistance to put them on.

Some interesting data

for now, there are not enough studies on socks for arthritis and their possible benefits. The few scientific data available in this regard do not give these garments any specific property against this disease.

It has only been documented that they have the potential to reduce inflammation. In addition, they are indicated to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis and to control lymphedema. Other medical uses are not documented.

What is there to remember about these socks?

By themselves, arthritis socks cannot cure arthritis. Nevertheless, they are useful to reduce ailments and inflammation. Therefore, they can be used as a therapeutic aid when dealing with this disease.

In any case, it is best to consult your doctor first to determine which are the most appropriate socks depending on the case. Among other things, the professional can offer specific instructions for use to avoid possible problems.

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