Everything you believed about the dream is a lie (and a study says it)

When we talk about dream There are many myths that we take as real, but in reality, if we stick to science, we see that we are very wrong. Bullies, lies, misinformation … If you have as a mantra that how many more hours of sleep you will be more rested, we are sorry to tell you that you have been living a lie all your life.

to publication 'Sleep Health' He has carried out a study in which he reviews 24 claims about sleep. Only four of them are true and only because they have not found sufficient evidence to deny them. So they would have all the ballots to be also wrong if they were subjected to a more thorough analysis. Be careful, we have found everything you have to forget, especially if you sleep poorly or have trouble falling asleep.

If you thought that sleeping on the weekends everything that you have not slept during the week is good, you should know that this statement does not have scientific support. We are not saying that this is a lie, however, no evidence has been found for or against enough to be considered myth. So if you believe the following closely, you may not be wrong (and you're also lucky):

– Waking up in the middle of the night is a sign of bad sleep.

– Sleeping with your pet in bed can guarantee a more peaceful sleep.

– Sleeping a little more instead of waking up to exercise is better and you will feel more active during the day (this is wonderful for the laziest.You're not doing anything wrong -even- and science says it).


Now, if you believed some of the following things, we fear that today is not your lucky day. These are the most prominent myths:

– Sleeping anywhere and anytime is a sign that you are in good health in regards to your dream.

– Adults get enough rest sleeping an average of five hours a day.

-It's always better to sleep more.

– To sleep in the bed to rest with the closed eyes is almost as good as to sleep.

-Possing the alarm at the time it sounds is better than waking up the first time.

-The alcohol helps us to sleep.

According to scientists, the knowledge we have about sleep and rest does not come close to reality and there are many myths that we must banish to achieve optimal rest. Moral? Try to sleep at least seven hours a day. It's a good start. And forget all these myths.