Essential oils that you did not know and that are multipurpose

In the newsroom we are indisputable fans of essential oils, which above all are multipurpose. Whether for the skin, to relax … they are a basic in our dressing table (and in our daily life) now that we are starting to bet on somewhat more natural solutions to skin problems, a consequence of the confinement or sleep disturbances that we have experienced in the last few weeks.

As the well-being of one is the well-being of all, we have set to work to share with you our three latest discoveries. The essential oil of calendula, the essential oil of sea ​​buckthorn and the oil of tamanu (Ravintsara essential oil is also among our favorites, but we'll talk about it another day.)


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The 'Calendula officinalis', also called buttercup, is a asparagus grass It grows in Asia and Europe and has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times until today due to its many benefits. The essential oil of this plant is obtained from the distillation of its petals and although it is mostly used in creams and beauty products, it is also one of the most popular relaxing essential oils. Why? This plant has regenerative properties that prevent aging, in addition, it is also used to calm burns, relieve wounds or skin problems such as excessively dry skin or acne. It is even indicated for very sensitive skin or with dermatitis.

But its effects do not stop there: it is a natural protector, antifungal, antibacterial, antibiotic and antiseptic, hence we can use it for wounds. At the same time it also serves to calm mosquito or spider bites (we have tried it first hand and it works, little word) and is a natural antiparasitic, since it repels insects.

Another of its most common uses is in a diffuser to calm anxiety, stress or episodes of severe nervousness. If the oil format does not convince you too much, you can buy the cream, for cutaneous use. Pros? It smells great and you will feel comfort just applying it.

Sea buckthorn

This creamy liquid is our most recent discovery. Looking for a natural remedy for rosacea, we found sea buckthorn essential oil that stands out for its anti-inflammatory properties. East oil is extracted from the fruit of the tree and is one of the 'best sellers' of herbalists for its many facets of skin care.

The properties of this oil as a recovery agent for damaged skin is verified by various current clinical studies that show the benefits of this oil when it comes to re-skin skin affected by eczema, wounds that have not healed well, sunburn or after causes, dry skin or laser surgery. Why is it so beneficial? Its properties are due to its rich content in phytochemicals, which protect cells from external aggressions.

Tamanu oil

Last but not least, Tamanu oil has all the ballots to become the protagonist of our toiletry bag. This oil is extracted from the fruit and flower of the bush Calófilo It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and antiviral properties. A 4 in one that has made us fall in love, and that is, it serves -almost- everything: a few drops are enough to help eliminate acne scars, whether on the face or body. In addition, this plant from Southeast Asia helps to blur stretch marks when they appear by surprise while hydrating the skin.

It is an essential oil if you want to rejuvenate your face since it helps a lot with expression lines, while it also serves for the care of stretch marks due to the coumarin present in a composition that is anticoagulant. If, on the contrary, your hair problems are, take note: it ends the fall and adds shine to your mane. And last but not least, like calendula, it can be used as a mosquito repellent and to treat bites due to its analgesic properties, which you can take advantage of if you massage painful areas with this oil in case of sciatica or muscle pain.

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