Essential foods to have at home during the coronavirus quarantine

The majority of the population, except in exceptional cases, is quarantined at their home in order to stop the progression of the coronavirus. It is not because of being at home that food should be neglected and, although supermarkets and food stores are still open, we should go out as little as possible to avoid exposing ourselves and exposing food workers to contagion. For this you have to optimize the shopping list, let's do it! These are the best foods to have at home in times of coronavirus.

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“Keep calm and” avoids the ultraprocessed

In an emergency situation, what can be observed is "people shopping compulsively without having an idea of ​​the quantity of food they should buy, nor of the expiration dates or whether they are perishable or not," explains Estefanía Ramo of the IMEO ( Medical Institute of Obesity). You could have seen this these days when people took carts and carts from the supermarket with all kinds of products buying in a compulsive way. Purchases based on forecast but also from fear and anxiety.

Ideally, make a shopping list with a view to spending a long time without leaving your home or doing it as little as possible and only in cases of need. Experts recommend fill the pantry with foods that have a long shelf life and are imperishable avoiding buying almost exclusively in ultra-processed and frozen unhealthy products.

Rubén Bravo, IMEO spokesperson points out that "it should not be forgotten that many of these products use high amounts of added sugar, salt or saturated fats that are harmful to health." We are not going to throw away the healthy diet for being at home, right? "The main recommendation it would be to make, so that we don't forget anything, a list by groups and, from here on, classify the different foods”, Indicate from IMEO. Let's see what foods they recommend to have at home in the coronavirus quarantine.

Your pantry in quarantine

According to IMEO experts this long-term shopping list should include healthy foods with the nutritional needs of all family members in mind, whether they are children, the sick, adults, the elderly … once you are clear about these specific needs in order to take into account quantities, your shopping list should contain these foods:

Cereals and seeds. They last a long time without spoiling so they are a fantastic option to keep your pantry for many days. Flour, rice, quinoa, pasta, oat flakes, sesame seeds … you can throw them away a long season without fear that they will spoil and add your serving of carbohydrates to your healthy diet. You can even make biscuits, cookies, bread, porridge, waffles, stews …

Vegetables. Both fresh and canned, even frozen, are another of the great assets for having food that lasts a long season without spoiling. Edamame, chickpeas, beans, peas, lentils … You will be able to make some delicious dishes without having to cook the food right away for fear of spoiling it.

Vegetables. Keep in mind that many vegetables have a short shelf life so you have to cook them very quickly and they would not be a good idea to include in large quantities in the pantry because you would have to cook them very soon. If you buy fresh you can choose vegetables that can last longer without spoiling, such as cabbage, red cabbage, garlic, potatoes, onions or carrots. A perfect option are preserves such as crushed tomato, containers of green beans, artichokes, vegetable stew, low-salt and sugar-free packaged vegetable purees, asparagus, beets …

fruit. They also have a short life so you can be served the first days of confinement but afterwards or you go shopping, very carefully because you would be exposing yourself to the virus and exposing others, or you have a plan b at home. Natural fruit preserves, jams, compotes, fruit juices without added sugar, dehydrated fruit and frozen fruit are a great option to pass the quarantine without missing the nutrients of the fruit in your diet.

Nuts. A good one you will get a source of vegetable protein and healthy fats with dried fruits that also preserve perfectly for a long time. Choose natural nuts and toast them yourself if necessary. Pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds … give you a great dose of energy and can be a great snack at any time of the day.

Meat, fish and seafood. You will either have to freeze fresh products that you buy in the supermarket or have packaged solutions. Since our freezers are not gigantic unless you have freezer chests, the ideal is to freeze a part of the meat, fish and seafood that you buy and that the rest is for storage, that is, packaged. Canned fish (such as tuna, salmon or sardines), seafood (clams, razor clams, cockles or mussels) and meat (such as vacuum-packed Serrano ham or jerky).

Dairy products. Sterilized yogurts, powdered milk and cheeses can hold up perfectly, just like milk bricks, always check the expiration date. This would perfectly extrapolate to vegan options like veggie milks and vegan cheeses, pending the expiration date there should be no problem.

Fats and dressings. Having a good olive oil at home is almost essential in any Mediterranean home so have a good EVOO reserve because you are going to use it a lot. You can also have other options to make dressings like bottled lemon juice, soy sauce or vinegar.

Eggs. Eggs are delicate but they can hold perfectly in the fridge for about 3 weeks so you can take them into account for quarantine Also, as our grandmothers used to say, having eggs, oil and potatoes in the pantry, you don't starve at home.

Sweet. Do not lie to buy sweets and sweets because there is life after quarantine. IMEO recommends in this regard have dark chocolate without added sugar, pure powder or at least 70% so you can treat yourself sweetly and calm anxiety without harming your health and your figure. Also dates, in moderation, are a great option.

Coffees, teas and spices. Other necessary products that are not easily spoiled. Being able to have your coffee or your infusion is a necessary luxury and especially when you are working tele. A comforting warm mug is going to feel great and it's good to have that option on hand. Spices are also perfect to give different touches to your dishes. Bet on turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, cumin … they keep very well and are very healthy.

Take heart whether you are home or unable to stay, prepare your pantry for these days and do not fall into discouragement. All this will happen and it is not necessary to neglect your diet or your good purposes with the bikini operation. Distract the mind, eat healthy, stay in touch with loved ones, exercise at home, and have a coronavirus-proof pantry. This, fortunately, will also happen.

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