Energy, hair loss, sleep, anxiety, and other signs that you are not eating enough and starving

Feel not hungry in the morning and then gorge yourself at night? Or are you hungry all the time? And do you know the difference between hunger and anxiety? Really, it is likely that what happens to you is that you do not eat enough, that you do not eat the right calories. Either you don’t eat or you eat badly. And that can be as dangerous or more as eating too much. Learn to detect those signs that tell you that you need to eat calories.

Energy level and hair loss

Calories are units of energy that your body uses to function. When you’re not getting enough, you are likely to feel tired most of the time. Eating too few calories can lead to fatigue due to lack of energy you get for exertion or for movements beyond basic functions. Things as normal as walking or climbing stairs can make you tire easily if you calorie intake it is below your actual needs.

But there are also physical manifestations. It is normal to lose some hair during the day, but if you notice that more hair accumulates on the brush or in the shower drain, that may be a sign that you are not eating enough. If you are not getting enough calories and key nutrients, your body prioritizes the health of your heart, brain and other organs and leave hair growth for another time.

Constant hunger and sleep problems

Being hungry all the time is one of the most obvious signs that you are not eating enough food. Studies confirm that appetite and food cravings increase and n response to drastic calorie restriction due to changes in the levels of hormones that control hunger and satiety. Calorie restriction can cause hunger and food cravings in both normal and overweight people.

Additionally, multiple studies have shown that lack of sleep leads to insulin resistance and weight gain. And while overeating can cause difficulty sleeping, it seems like a strict or improper dietIt can also cause problems with rest and deep sleep.

Irritability and anxiety

The mood it is one of the most important signs to detect that you do not eat enough. To keep it stable, maintain a correct calorie intake. And although the diet itself can cause humor changes, outright anxiety can occur in response to very low calorie intake.

Feeling cold all the time

If you constantly feel cold, the cause could be not eating enough. Your body needs burn a certain amount of calories to generate heat and maintain a healthy and comfortable body temperature. In fact, even mild calorie restriction has been shown to lower core body temperature. In general, the more severely you lower your calorie level, the more likely you are to feel colder.

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