Emotional meaning of hypertension: What is it about?

In recent times it has been heard talk about the emotional biodecoding, hypertension and sleep disorders, among other topics, highlighting the importance of maintaining a balance both in mind, body and soul.

There are studies that verify the direct relationship between people's feelings and the illnesses that arise in them, an aspect that explains the biodecoding and emotional hypertension.
And it is that more and more people suffer from hypertension and this is closely linked to situations of stress, little rest and poor diet. The link between emotional conflict and pressure high are notorious.

It is important to note that the meaning of hypertension It is not only genetic, its appearance also has to do with the lifestyle and diet carried out by the person, although this is still being studied.

For this reason, in a present day in which subjects carry out many activities, have less and less time and stress situations become everyday, the emotional symptoms of hypertension they make themselves present.

It is the context of daily stress that favors the appearance of emotional biodecoding and hypertension.

But, before talking about them, we will focus on some concepts related to hypertension, meaning, among other things.

Hypertension: meaning

In principle, if of meaning of hypertension it is, it is necessary to mention that hypertension is considered when one or both blood pressure numbers are greater than 130/80 mm Hg.

The cause may have to do with the consumption of water and salt, the state of the kidneys and the nervous system or blood vessels.

In general, hypertension is genetic, so if you have family members who have had high blood pressure problems, it would be convenient to have controls, especially if they have already been diagnosed.

But meaning of hypertension It can also have an emotional response, because as the emotional conflict and high blood pressure They go hand in hand.

Although before the presence of any symptoms of hypertension it will be necessary to see a doctor so that he can evaluate the particular situation, there are some ways to lower the pressure or even delay the timing of the peak.

recommendations for treating hypertension (emotional biodecoding)

There are some emotional symptoms of hypertension that can be avoided if a change in routine is applied. Some examples:

– Take care of yourself at meals. Avoid salt, carbohydrates and alcohol, for example, as well as products that can cause bloating and fluid retention.

Although it seems obvious, many times canned or delivery products are consumed that may include more salt than you think.

– Avoid overloading yourself with activities during the day. This will reduce the anguish of not getting to do everything that was “scheduled” for the day. Focus on priority things and take everything in good time.

– Physical activity. Dedicate at least an hour to doing some activity that contributes to relaxation, distraction and enjoyment, be it physical activity, meditation, a bath with music, cooking, or getting together with friends or family.

– To rest. There are many people who cannot sleep the necessary amount of hours, but although it does not seem that this includes, it affects health in different ways.

In general, it is recommended to rest 7 to 8 hours a day, although it will depend on each case.

-> Try not to be a problem for everyday issues that cannot be resolved. Nerves are one of the most common causes of increased pressure.

– Relate to positive people. Having little contact with negative and stressed people will also help, as your emotional state can interfere with that of others.

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Emotional biodecoding: hypertension

But back to the topic of emotional biodecoding and hypertensionWhat does it mean and what is its relationship?

In principle it is necessary to emphasize that this biodecoding is an alternative proposal of medicine for medical treatments, through which an attempt is made to study and explain the relationship between emotions / feelings, with discomforts and ailments.

This attempts to explain that the human body is totally related physically and emotionally and that many diseases are a way of manifesting anguish, fear and depression of the person. The emotional biodecoding and hypertension linked has to do with this.

Thus, certain situations that involve strong sensations for a person with high blood pressure can unleash a spike, such as anxiety, depression, anger and anguish.

That is why it is said that emotional biodecoding and hypertension go hand in hand.

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Emotional conflict and high blood pressure

When talking about emotional hypertension there are several versions. One of them explains that the term refers to two different situations:

Caused by emotions

This implies a chronic alteration in the emotional state of people, attributed to stress, anxiety, nerves, depression or anger, which would be related to the emotional biodecoding and hypertension.


And it is that stress is characterized by being a defense response caused by the release of adrenaline and cortisol to the circulation, which puts the body on alert, causing an increase in heart rate and widening of blood vessels, as well as pressure.

As the subject calms down, all these symptoms return to normal.

However, some studies also explain that stress is not the cause, but the consequence of hypertension.

Either way, The truth is that managing stressful situations will always help to improve the general health of the person.

White coat

In this case the High pressure occurs only when the subject in question has to go to a medical consultation or treatment, but in normal situations the person does not suffer from hypertension.

In this case, it will be necessary to carry out an exhaustive control to determine if the person is hypertensive or not, before diagnosing it.

Although this type of hypertension tends to occur mostly in older women, no one is exempt from something like this happening to them, so you should be careful.

In summary, beyond the fact that studies are still continuing to find out what the implication of emotions on hypertension is, the truth is that leading a healthier and calmer life, seeking emotional, mental and body balance will collaborate in a positive way In day to day.

And you, have you ever heard of emotional hypertension? What other symptoms would you add?

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