Elsa Pataky is wrong! Fasting does not help you lose weight, experts confirm

It all started with celebrities like Elsa Pataky or Jennifer Aniston: according to celebrities, the intermittent fasting Not only was it healthy but it also helped you lose weight. In Spain, the famous national who got into the pool (and almost drowned) was Tania Llasera: the presenter affirmed on social networks that by doing intermittent fasting she had lost 10kg during confinement. But not only that: she also felt more spirited, with more energy and more controlled what she ate. Guided by specialists in her process, a short time later she had to rectify her statements, she was not encouraging her followers to do so, she simply shared her experience with this lifestyle that has thousands of faithful around the world.

However, these episodes opened the door to a question beyond whether fasting is recommended or not, Is it really used to lose weight? Some experts point out that yes, although that is not their main objective: by reducing the hours in which we eat food, we immediately also reduce our caloric intake, which translates into a deficit that helps us lose weight. However, many others are against this method, since they see it as an excuse to subject ourselves to strict and inflexible diets. “More and more people come to consultation requesting to do some kind of intermittent diet. They tend to focus on it as a health measure, but the reality is that it is a way of justifying carrying out restrictive behaviors with eating, ”explains the psychologist and nutritionist Alejandro Vera.


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Furthermore, a recent study carried out in the University of California San Francisco has found that in the long run, fasting does not help you lose weight. The study's own co-author, Dr. Ethan Weiss, thought that this food decision was bearing fruit, but after observing the final results of the program, the data was not conclusive. The diets of people who were excessively overweight or obese were studied for twelve months. The sample was divided into two groups: the first could eat food throughout the day while the second, only from twelve in the morning to eight in the afternoon. Following the same diet, both groups lost weight, approximately 10kg, so fasting did not improve this long-term loss.

In an interview on Dailymail.com the doctor explained that one of the reasons why the diet has become so viral is its simplicity: intermittent fasting does not force counting calories and offers a very simple guideline to understand "endure 16 hours without eating ", While in the rest of the day you have a free hand, although this generates consequences, according to the psychologist and nutritionist Alejandro Vera:" People choose this type of diet to lose weight because it does not force you to give up pleasure, under the theory, you can have a feast and then you just have to go for several hours without eating a bite. This seems to me to be an approach of anything but healthy ”, he explains. Therefore, if misfocused, fasting can be harmful and not an ally in well-being as the celebrities promise.

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