Elliptical, cycling and rowing: how to do your best cardio circuit in the gym

It’s no secret that cardio workouts help you lose calories. It is true that you can do cardio even in the office, but if you have the time and strength, it is best to go to a gym and do a good circuit. And if you combine cardio and weights, you will have a whole anti-aging plan in place. Here are several basic routines with indoor appliances that will favor this whole process. And they work!

To run is the simplest and most effective way to do cardiovascular exercise to strengthen the joints and even improve your mood. But it must be recognized that many times it is extremely boring. Also, you need a good baseline fitness level to run for more than a few minutes. And you must also have your joints strong and flawless. Fortunately, running is just one of the many methods available to get a good cardio workout. And the gym can be you great ally.

The stationary bike as a basis for cardio exercise

You don’t need a lot of things to sit on a bike and start your cardio workouts. When adjusting the resistance levels and incorporate standing-to-sitting movements, you can control the challenge you set yourself and the intensity The exercise. For a more comfortable experience, adjust the saddle height up to the hip bone.

Rowing machine

Rowing is another great cardiovascular exercise that uses the muscles of almost every part of the bodyincluding the trunk, back, legs, and arms. Proper technique has a slight learning curve, but rowing at high intensity will raise your heart rate for a top-notch training and well balanced. Keep in mind that most of the force in each stroke should be generated by your legs. Don’t hunch over the waist to use your arms and keep your back straight.


Doing ellipticals is one of the luckiest choices you can make for your cardio circuit. Heats up before starting and pick up the pace little by little. Activate your core to improve posture and do not limit yourself to always exercising at the same pace. Varying will break the routine and calorie loss will be more effective in times of greatest effort. And don’t forget to keep hydrated forever.

Jacob’s ladder

If you already have a certain level of cardio, incorporating the almost biblical Jacob’s ladder into your routine will mean all a boost. The ladder exercise can be quite a challenge at first, but once you get used to the climbing motion, you will find that the machine can provide you with a extremely efficient training. You don’t need more than 15 minutes to burn like a champion.

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