Electric epilator: advantages, how to use and cleaning

A device increasingly used in the treatment of hair removal. Discover all the pros and cons of the electric epilator.

Last update: 09 October, 2022

There are many ways to remove hair from the skin. Hair removal with wax, laser or machines with common blades. However, the electric epilator is an object that brings together the advantages of all the previous methods, and combines them with great ease of use, low economic cost and extensive durability.

In this way, it is possible to obtain an efficient product7 that represents a single investment, and lasts for several years. But, for the electric epilator to become the priority method of hair removal, you must know the best way to use it.

Also, it is necessary to carry out a frequent cleaning that favors its maintenance and allow you to take advantage of all its advantages for longer. Of course, it also has some disadvantages to be aware of compared to other methods.

What is an electric epilator?

It is a device designed to remove hair from almost anywhere on the body and from the root. It has a longer-lasting effect compared to other hair removal methods, which is why its use has become very widespread in recent years. Although it can be a painful treatment, many people continue to choose them, since almost all forms of hair removal carry a share of suffering.

However, the electric epilator has the advantage of speed. Thanks to the operation of the tweezers that rotate with speed on its head, it is possible to remove hair from the most extensive parts of the body. All this in a much shorter time than waxing or laser hair removal.

Anyway, this device tends to irritate the skin and the formation of ingrown hairs. To reduce its cons and take advantage of its benefits, it is convenient to know all the advantages, disadvantages and correct maintenance of it.

Advantages of the electric epilator

There are numerous, varied methods for waxing, and all of them carry a series of pros and cons. But the electric hair removal device is an element that brings together a large number of advantages related to its versatility, durability and speed.


The device more than encompasses the concept of versatility. This is because it is equally effective on almost any type of hair. Works with assorted colors, indistinct sizes and lengths, In addition to covering from the thickest hairs to the finest and almost imperceptible.


The investment in this type of hair removal is very simple and economical. It is enough to acquire the device and carry out optimal maintenance for its durability. Although it may represent a relatively high cost at first, it is a one-time investment. In addition, there are very affordable options on the market. All these conditions make it much cheaper than hair removal with laser, pulsed light or wax treatments.

Speed ​​of the electric epilator

One of the biggest advantages of the device is its speed of use. With a much less extensive treatment than other forms of hair removal, it is possible to achieve the same effectiveness. Secondly, you can pass the electric epilator on almost any part of the bodyAs long as the pain is bearable.

Effective period

The device achieves hair removal of considerable duration, similar to the wax method. This means that, with a much faster session, it is possible to remove the hair from the root and not reappear for at least a week. Then, it is effective for two weeks to a month until the hair reaches its length again.


Using this device is not only very simple, but the treatment can be carried out in any sector of the home. In this way, thanks to the battery that some models have incorporated, it can be used in the place that generates the most comfort and in any position.

Even in the shower, when the pores of the skin are more open, which makes the task easier. Nevertheless, not all models are ready for water.


Just as some models are adaptable to use in the shower, others incorporate heads of different sizes. This is a useful function to regulate the hair before the final waxing. A previous cut to adjust and prepare the body sector, thinking about the last pass, increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

some cons

The electric epilator has many advantages, but there are also a number of drawbacks that must be taken into account when using the product. These cons hover, especially, in the pain it produces and in the irritation of the skin, which can lead to ingrown hairs.

  • Red dots. They are small marks that appear in the area after waxing. They cannot be avoided, but they are harmless spots, which disappear quickly and without the need for any product.
  • ingrown hairs. An infection caused by hairs that grow under the skin and cannot pierce the skin. Although it is inevitable that it happens, the effect can be reduced by exfoliating the area a few days before waxing, or by alternating the use of the device with that of ordinary razors.
  • difficult areas. The electric epilator can be a bit aggressive in sensitive areas, such as the pubis or armpits. However, there are accessories with special heads to use on those parts of the body.
  • Pain. Another unavoidable aspect is the pain it produces. The intensity depends on each experience, since for some people it is more painful than for others. To alleviate the sensation, it is possible to apply some moisturizing creams prior to treatment.

How to use the electric epilator?

The use of this device is very simple: just connect it to the electrical extension and carry out the treatment. It must be taken into account that the hairs will fall to the ground, so it is recommended to place a container or a towel under. It does not require previous preparations such as wax, nor subsequent actions, although a moisturizing cream can be applied at the end, in order to soften the skin.

Cleaning and maintenance of the electric epilator

To extend the efficiency and durability of this device, it is important to sanitize it after each use. In general, the same product includes small brushes to remove hair and clean the heads. Otherwise, use a tiny comb. At the end, it is recommended to pass a swab soaked in alcohol, in order to disinfect the device.

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