Egg omelette with tuna: easy recipe for any time

We are going to show you what you need to know to prepare an exquisite egg omelet with tuna, perfect to enjoy at any time of the day.

Last update: April 24, 2022

The egg omelet with tuna is an excellent recipe to eat for dinner. It is ideal for the muscle definition stage, although it can also be included in the regimen accompanied by carbohydrates if the aim is to increase muscle mass in the body.

Be that as it may, it is a simple, versatile dish that everyone likes. You can prepare it right away to enjoy it at any time.

How to prepare the egg omelette with tuna?

Before starting, it is important to note that the presence of eggs in the diet should not be limited, as was indicated until a few years ago. This food does not increase cardiovascular risk nor does it significantly influence dietary cholesterol.

On the contrary, it is a food with a high nutritional density that will help maintain good health over the years. It is important to mention that the final result will depend a lot on the quality of the eggs. For this reason, it is recommended that they be homemade or free-range as far as possible.

Those that come from hens raised in cages have a very different flavor, in addition to their nutritional value being affected. Pay attention to the numbering on the shell to check that there is a 1 in the first position. This indicates its provenance.

The tortilla with tuna is an easy to prepare and nutritionally complete dish.


To prepare an exquisite egg omelette with tuna, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 4 large eggs
  • 120 grams of canned natural tuna
  • Salt to taste
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Parsley

Step by Step

    1. Crack the eggs and put them in a bowl.
    2. Then, beat them until you get a homogeneous result.
    3. Add the tuna and salt, and stir well again.
    4. For cooking, place a little extra virgin olive oil in a non-stick pan.
    5. When hot, pour in the tortilla mixture and lower the heat.
    6. First stir all the dough with a spatula as if you were going to make a stir-fry until it begins to curdle. From here, let it rest and shape it so that it cooks well.
    7. Once it’s ready on one side, flip it over. with the help of a plate and leave it for another minute on the other side, so that the egg sets completely.
    8. Then remove and serve. You can accompany it with freshly chopped parsley to improve the final flavor.
    9. Likewise, you can present it together with a salad to further improve the contribution of micronutrients from the preparation itself.

Benefits of egg and tuna omelette

The egg omelette with tuna provides omega-3 and proteins of high biological value. The inclusion of the egg and tuna omelette in the context of a varied and balanced diet can generate several health benefits. First of all, we must highlight the protein content of this preparation.

Eggs provide proteins of the highest biological value with all the essential amino acids and a good score in terms of digestibility. These nutrients have been shown to be important in preventing pathologies such as sarcopenia.

On the other hand, the eggs they are one of the few foods that concentrate vitamin D inside. This nutrient can be synthesized endogenously from exposure to sunlight, but almost everyone is deficient in it.

Maintaining an inadequate level of vitamin D could increase the risk of suffering from different complex diseases, such as cardiovascular ones. This is evidenced by research published in the journal AnticancerResearch.

To end, it is key to comment that the tuna and egg omelette is a source of fatty acids of the omega-3 series, from fish. These elements contribute to modulate the state of inflammation in the internal environment, thus achieving a situation of homeostasis.

Omega-3 acids are relevant for sports recovery, but also to ensure the proper functioning of the heart. This is confirmed by a study published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Prepare a delicious egg omelette with tuna at home

As you have been able to verify, It is very easy to make a wonderful egg and tuna omelette at home. This dish manages to provide a large amount of essential nutrients necessary for the body to function optimally every day.

Thus, deficits that can negatively condition the efficiency of physiological functions are avoided vital and maintain a good state of health.

Finally, keep in mind that not only diet matters to prevent the development of pathologies over the years. The fact of promoting other good habits such as the practice of different exercises will also be decisive.

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