Effective bowel cleansing remedies in one day

Hippocrates is considered the founder of medicine, and for his time his belief was that the healing of every person begins with the intestines. Following this point, there are currently several ways to stay healthy and one of them are the bowel cleanings. Therefore, we will teach you how to clean the intestine in a day and the most effective natural remedies to do it.

Why is cleaning the intestine so important?

cleanse the intestine

Before learning how to cleanse the colon and liver it is important to learn to clean the intestines first. Intestinal cleanings are used to eliminate any kind of toxin that is in the body. And these have to be taken as a basis for all types of treatment. However, in the absence of studies to help confirm its effectiveness, therapies like these are framed within alternative medicine.

The intestines are not only of great importance for the digestive processes to take place, as well as for evacuation, but they also intervene in various aspects of health in general. It is because in many parts of the world, cleaning the intestine is considered one of the best ways to improve human health.

the best way to cleanse the colon to lose weight and get rid of all toxins, is the consumption of foods that contain the highest amount of fiber and protein. Thus, an intestinal cleansing can be translated in a few words as a general well-being. Significantly improving many aspects of people's lives.

Inside the intestine, also called the colon, it is common for huge amounts of waste to accumulate, affecting the functioning of many parts of the body. It means that if the colon is not clean, serious health problems could occur. So it is recommended to carry out a bowel cleansing every so often.

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Things to keep in mind about bowel cleansing

If you really want to use a home remedy to cleanse the intestinesEither due to constipation or another problem, it will be enough to change certain eating habits. In this way, foods with a large amount of fiber and some herbs should be included, which allow regulating intestinal transit.

However, when some toxins have attached themselves to the walls of the intestine, they are usually not easy to eliminate. If at any time a person has not been able to go to the bathroom in several days, it is very likely that they are presenting a serious accumulation of food waste, from at least 15 different foods.

There are many benefits to be gained when a home bowel wash or a deep cleansing of the intestine, since this eliminates everything that the body does not need. In addition to this, it helps in the stimulation of the abdominal glands, the liver and also the pancreas. Thus improving the assimilation and absorption of food.

Beware of laxatives

There are those who wish to use a laxative to cleanse the colon, but this is something that must be done under the supervision of a specialist and at very specific times. Something like this is because the active ingredients in these products are highly toxic, and can cause more irritation than the food itself.

When using more natural means, it is best to choose washes, salts, enemas or the consumption of herbs. They are much more reliable resources, which could be chosen bearing in mind the most appropriate information on the subject. There should never be a dependency on these types of methods, nor should they be used too often.

Nor should you continue with inappropriate eating habits and then perform a bowel cleansing once a week. Since toxins will continue to accumulate, seriously damaging various aspects of health.

Home remedies to cleanse the colon

There are many natural ways to cleanse the intestine naturally without resorting to the use of a laxative. Therefore, here are some of the best ways to perform an effective colon cleanse.

Sodium bicarbonate

Learn how to cleanse the intestine with bicarbonate It is very useful for eliminating all accumulated toxins and at the same time maintaining the balance in body health. If the sodium bicarbonate diluted in water is accompanied with some medicinal herbs, other effects are obtained. For example, fighting the symptoms of constipation and allowing the strengthening of the immune system.


By boiling a piece of fresh ginger in water, you will get an excellent ginger juice. Once this fresh juice is obtained, an infusion is prepared by adding two tablespoons of it in two cups of water, accompanied by a quarter cup of lemon juice. The ideal is to divide this preparation and take it at least three times a day.

Apple juice

Preparing apple juice is very simple, especially with the help of a blender. When the juice is ready, it should be taken during the day, after half an hour after taking it, it will be necessary to drink a glass of water. This is an excellent juice to cleanse the colon in 3 days, but during that period of time you should avoid the consumption of solid foods.


Simply make a mixture with a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, two tablespoons of honey and a cup of water. Mix all the ingredients correctly and then take the preparation only once a day.

Anise tea

It is prepared just like any other type of infusion, being ideal to consume it before and after having breakfast.

aloe vera

Cut a large aloe leaf and extract its juice. Add the juice of two lemons in half a liter of preferably filtered water. Mix the lemon water with the aloe vera juice and consume this remedy three times a day, for at least three days in a row.

Lemon juice

Squeeze the judo from a lemon, add a pinch of sea salt along with a teaspoon of honey and mix everything in a glass with warm water. When the preparation is ready, it should be taken on an empty stomach every morning.

A powerful shake to cleanse the intestine

East smoothie to cleanse the intestine It is among the best alternatives, and for that you only need 7 strawberries, 2 oranges and 3 peaches.

The preparation is simple, the fruits are placed inside the blender and everything is mixed. Remember to remove the peel from the peaches and only use the juice of the oranges. Once the preparation is ready, a glass should be taken on an empty stomach for 9 days in a row. But it could also be taken as a side for breakfast. It is a remedy that not only helps the intestine, it also favors the respiratory tract and fights depression

Foods that help keep the intestine clean

Apart from doing a natural colon cleansing, it is essential that specific foods are included in the diet to help with such cleansing.

Avocado: Its daily consumption helps in the optimization of digestive processes. It has a lot of fiber that favors the intestinal movement, and keeps the intestine clean.

Spinach: Consuming vegetables that have intense green leaves will offer many benefits for the improvement of health in general.

Fruit and vegetable juices: The important thing is that they are prepared with the help of a blender and no sugar is used. Just by drinking a glass of these juices every day, the colon will stay clean for longer. Thanks to the salts and enzymes they have, they will keep the colon completely free of toxins.


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