Eating healthy is not the same as eating to lose weight

It is almost undeniable that the realfooding has helped many people improve their diet. He has managed to explain in a simple way what a healthy diet is. However, with the rise of this movement, the idea that eating real food is a sufficient condition to lose weight has spread and this is not true either.

When we make that statement, we are forgetting another very important variable when it comes to losing weight: the calories

Yes, calories matter. They are not the only thing we have to watch, of course, but they matter. Even if you are eating in the healthiest way possible, if you eat more calories than your body needs (or the same), you will not lose weight. Generating a caloric deficit is a necessary condition to lose weight.

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We explain it better with an example:

A salad, the diet dish par excellence, can be very healthy, but also It can be quite caloric depending on the selection of foods we make:

-Salad "A" with lettuce, tomato, carrot, beet, avocado and a tablespoon of olive oil: about 176 kcal.

-Salad "B" with lettuce, tomato, carrot, beet, avocado, squirt olive oil, goat cheese and nuts: about 749 kcal.

Salad "B" remains a healthy dish, but has a caloric intake much greater than the first.

However, surely you know someone who has simply started eating better and has effectively lost weight. Why is this happening?

This happens mostly in people who they started from a very bad initial feeding. When you start eating more real food, you will be, indirectly, reducing your caloric intake since ultraprocessed foods are more energy dense (in addition to poor in nutrients).

You must then analyze your starting situation to know which path to take. If you start from an ominous diet, with a high consumption of ultra-processed foods: starting to eat healthier is surely synonymous with losing weight for you. Counting calories should not be your priority at the start.

If, on the contrary, you are already eating healthy, but you are not able to lose weight or you have stagnated, perhaps it is time to move on to the next level: start control rations and select foods intelligently.


I leave you some tricks you can implement:

1. Include in all meals one generous portion of vegetables.

2. Control the dressings.

3. Try to put protein foods in all meals: they are very satiating and allow us to reach the amount of protein necessary to minimize the loss of muscle mass.

4. Reduce the number of meals you make per day: normally, the more meals you make, the more likely you are to spend. Try to delimit moments of intake / fasting.

However, nobody misunderstands these words, basing your food on real food is always a success.

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