Eating fast swells you (and it's not good)

If you love to eat, you belong to our group. We are among those who think that it is one of the great pleasures of life, and although we are constantly living in a bikini operation that does not understand pre-summer months, we remain firm in our 'foodie' conviction. That's why, when we discovered that eat fast It's a complete against, we had to investigate.

The habit of eat at high speed It is a custom that when we adopt, it is very difficult to forget. Especially when there is no longer a compelling reason to run while we eat.

Carrying out a change in the rhythm when chewing is very necessary to eat the right amount of food and also, enjoy it by spacing the times you chew with the aim of the stomach assimilating food.

Why is it harmful?

If you eat quickly, the fiber of the food will not satisfy you, so even if you have eaten the whole dish, you will not feel full. You will eat more, you will feel more swollen and above all, you will force your metabolism to digest food in a very short time, a fact that alters your digestion. The brain takes 20 minutes in sending a message of satiety so if you keep eating, the message will arrive later, and you will increase your food intake. And, eating fast is a big mistake since it is opposed to two very different situations: even if you are satiated, you are hungry and you keep eating. Why? Because the brain does not have this information yet.


When we eat faster, we swallow much more air, like when you drink with a straw. Have you ever had gas after eating very fast? If the answer is yes, you should stop engulfing. The speed with which food passes through your digestive system is higher so you take in more air and your belly swells.

> Take your time

Consider the time to eat or breakfast as something special. Do not eat in front of the computer, standing or doing thousands of things in the meantime. You only need half an hour free to sit down for lunch or dinner, your stomach will thank you.

Savor, enjoy and drink a lot of water to feel satiated. This way you will avoid the swelling, the discomfort and you will enjoy more.

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