Eat seafood, turn off your phone before dinner … new tricks to speed up your metabolism (and lose weight) that do work

Make metabolism our ally so that our body burns more fat with less effort for our part, it is the Holy Grail to which any weight loss method aspires. And all kinds of tricks circulate on the internet (some supported by science and others not) to achieve this, in addition to a good number of exercise tables and YouTube videos that promise to accelerate our metabolism and take it to the next level. But not all of these tips work equally well, that's why we've put together this list of effective and healthy tips to speed up slow metabolisms that really work: they do not work miracles (and if you want to lose weight you really need to change your diet and increase your physical activity), but can give you the boost you need to maximize your efforts and optimize the way your body burns and stores fat.

1. Eat more often and in smaller portions

Instead of taking large food intakes, consider having small food intakes throughout the day. We do not mean that you peck potato chips, obviously, but that you distribute your calorie intake wisely throughout the day. Try six daily intakes of about 300 calories each and that in all of them there is a portion of protein and fiber to increase the feeling of satiety.

2. Avoid trans fats

What are trans fats? Well, the worst type of fat you can eat and that not only puts your heart health at risk, is that they blow up any diet. You find them easily in all ultra-processed products that you include in your shopping cart, it's time to eliminate them from your diet. Eating trans fats causes the cells of your muscles and organs to not respond properly to insulin, which slows down your metabolism.

3. Drink coffee before training

You already know that green tea speeds up the metabolism. Now it is your turn to know the virtues of coffee to prepare your exercise sessions. Drinking coffee has been proven to help you perform better in workouts, increases energy level, and best of all, helps burn more calories with the same amount of exercise.


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4. Eat more fish (and shellfish)

Not only because its high-quality proteins help you speed up your metabolism by themselves, the fatty acids present in both types of food also reinforce that fat-burning effect. Especially interesting is the omega 3 fatty acid present in oily fish: its intake is capable of reducing the level of enzymes that are responsible for storing fat in our body.

5. Park your tablet, mobile and computer before and after dinner

They still don't know why, but scientists from Nothwestern University found that the people who consulted these devices before and after their dinners had alterations in glucose that made them hungrier. Researchers suspect that the blue light emitted by these displays interferes with metabolism in some way..

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