Easy, quick and ecological homemade tricks to clean kitchen appliances in less than 5 minutes

We dream of having a beautiful, large and bright kitchen, one of those that we fall in love with on television reform programs. In addition, we have learned the best tricks to always have it in order (and, incidentally, lose weight). But what about the appliance cleaning? As important as it being from a magazine, following trends and being well organized, it is that it is clean. So we have noted the advice of mothers and grandmothers to always keep the oven, the washing machine, the refrigerator, the hood, the hob impeccable and like new… And in a few minutes!

Vinegar and baking soda, the best to clean and disinfect in your kitchen

No matter how many miraculous household cleaning products there are on the market (and you accumulate in the cupboard), in the end, we always go back to the vinegar and baking soda as our best allies to clean and disinfect surfaces effectively and, moreover, responsibly with the environment.

The White vinegarin addition to being a natural product that does not pollute, it helps us eliminate traces of limescale, it degreases, deodorizes and eliminates bacteria, and it is perfect for cleaning washing machine, sink or cooktop (which will stay much brighter, too).

The baking sodaAs if that were not enough, it is also absorbent, unclogs and disinfects, it is a great whitener, brightener, anti-stain and anti-grease. To clean the oven, for example, and remove traces of grease after cooking, you just need to sprinkle a little baking soda on the door glass, spread it with a lemon cut in half, and remove the mixture with a damp cloth.

To clean the fridge (You already know that in addition to having it in order to lose weight, you need it to be clean and free of bacteria), you can create an ecological homemade cleaner by mixing vinegar, water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Put this magic mix in a spray bottle and in less than 5 minutes, your fridge will be impeccable.

The foolproof mix of vinegar and baking soda is perfect for cleaning and sanitizing air filters. the extractor hood, which accumulate grease and dirt every time we cook. In addition, so that it is always shiny, we will go over the exteriors with a new cloth moistened with vinegar reduced with water.

And to finish our thorough cleaning (quick and easy) in the kitchen with these homemade tricks, it’s the turn of the ceramic hob what a surprise! Yes, it can be cleaned with a scourer without fear of scratching it. In addition, we will use white stone and we will achieve a perfect result: clean, shiny and like new.

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