Easy mat stretches to say goodbye to back pain (and even more so now that you're back at the office)

You've only been a week working from home (again) and you already walk as if you were familiar with the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Chair positions that have nothing to envy to the professionals of the circus of the sun, a chair that is not at all adequate and the absence of breaks and walks to the coffee machine are the ingredients of a good neck or lower back pain. when the working day ends.


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Six o'clock and your back creaks, you haven't looked up from the screen all day, and besides, you're still in your pajamas. As this is your new routine until January … of course the back pains they will become your new faithful companions. That is why it is important to try (if possible) to maintain a good occupational hygiene so that at least your back does not resent the coronavirus as other aspects of your life have done.

What to do to forget about back pain -as well as sports-? Stretch at mealtime. Yes, as you read it: good posture while typing is the key, but if you do not move all day you will not achieve anything. So that this ordeal does not take away your sleep (and you can say goodbye to contractures with all possible dignity) we have the exercises you can do in 20 minutes with a mat to say goodbye to the koala poses in the chair.

1, 2, 3 … dust off that mini mat that you bought in quarantine and have never used again, and get to work!

Child's posture

If you have been to a yoga class (which we understand that by now, the answer is yes. Although for the furthest behind, two words: Xuan Lan) you will know this stretch that is usually done at the beginning of the class. With the mat on the floor, kneel down, stretch your back and arms, and glue your buttocks to your ankles. The goal is to drop the weight to the ground and press the forehead to the mat.

Thread the needle

Yes, you haven't heard that expression for years. But it is one of the most satisfying postures if you want to relax the muscles of the middle and upper back. In quadruped, place your hands at shoulder height, lift your right arm, then twist your arm under your left while touching the ground with your shoulder. Perform the pose several times by changing arms.

Spinal twist

It is another of the stretches that provides immediate relief if your back hurts a lot. Lie on your back on the mat and bend one leg. Keep the other straight and cross your bent leg to the opposite side as you stretch your arms and drop your head to the opposite side to which you are stretching.

Cross twist

Last but not least, the cross twist is one of the most effective ways to remove tension from your back. You should sit with your legs lengthwise, flex one of them and twist the opposite arm, leaving it inside the bent knee while keeping the other arm resting on the floor.

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