Dwayne Johnson's demanding diet, the Rock, to gain muscle

The actor from Hercules and Fast and the Furious is a world-class athlete. Discover the diet he uses to maintain his imposing physical state.

Last update: September 13, 2021

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most popular action actors of the last decade and his demanding diet may be well known today. Thanks to his imposing physical condition and charisma, he gained prominence in films such as Jumanji, Rampage or the second part of the saga Fast and Furious.

The Rock he is a popularizer of his lifestyle. Enjoy exposing how you exercise and how you accompany your routines with a proper diet.

Dwayne Johnson's passion for him fitness comes from before the performance, which also implied a demanding diet to become a WWE multi-champion wrestler. This means that your body has been working for years. However, in order to prepare certain characters, he had to increase the intensity.

What diet does Dwayne Johnson follow to gain muscle?

Beyond the movies, Johnson is a figure unto himself. Far from keeping secrets, in his profiles you can see him doing all kinds of exercises with weight and sharing his methods to gain muscle. Keep in mind that it is a person 1.95 meters tall and more than 120 kilograms in weight.

However, not everything was thanks to his physical predisposition or his years as a fighter. Figure of The Rock it is achieved and maintained with an intense exercise routine, demanding weights and a diet with plenty of protein. The actor expressed that, during his daily life and without any special preparation, he eats about 5 meals a day.

The Five Meal Diet

To start, a powerful breakfast of oats, egg whites and watermelon juice, accompanied by a steak. It is a hearty dish, but Johnson uses it as an energy source for a 40- to 50-minute cardio routine. The following is a serving of chicken, ideal for incorporating protein, accompanied by mushrooms, broccoli and peppers.

As a third course, The Rock 250 grams of salmon is served, along with asparagus, eggs, rice and, again, broccoli. For the fourth meal he returns to the steak, but this time with baked potatoes, asparagus and orange juice.

Finish with a casein protein supplement and an egg white omelette. Although it seems like too much, this diet was not enough for Johnson to prepare his Hercules character.

The proteins that are provided for an intense training cannot be of any origin. It is also intended to preserve general health.

Dwayne Johnson and his demanding diet to play Hercules

In 2014 the film of the demigod of Greek mythology was released. The Rock He was the actor chosen to play it and, although it seems like a perfect role for him, he had to work even more on his physique in view of the filming. He stated that he should have increased his calorie intake to 4000 daily; twice as much as consumed by anyone.

The diet was based on 7 meals a day for 22 weeks. All with abundant carbohydrates, balanced with protein and fat.

He also had to increase the intensity of the exercise. Johnson said it was hard work, which he could only achieve with discipline and conviction.

The 7 meals were composed as follows:

  • Breakfast: 300 gram steak with 4 egg whites. Also, 150 grams of oatmeal or cream of wheat.
  • Noon: 1 serving of chicken served with white rice and broccoli.
  • Lunch: halibut (fish), with 2 cups of rice and 1 of asparagus.
  • Mid afternoon: 225 gram chicken breast, roasted potato and a cup of broccoli.
  • Afternoon snack: 225 gram halibut, accompanied with white rice and asparagus.
  • Dinner: red meat steak, with salad and roast potatoes.
  • Before sleep: 30 grams of casein smoothie, omelette with 10 egg whites, onion, pepper and mushrooms.

The Rock exercises to maintain your physique

It is clear that such an abundant diet is aimed at increasing weight and muscle mass. For this, it is essential that it is accompanied by a strong exercise routine.

The Rock He is a professional, as an actor and athlete, so the intensity of their routines is not suitable for everyone. However, taking certain advice on your activities can help you achieve a healthy physical state.

Dwayne Johnson enjoys sharing his plan fitness on social media, as well as the details of his demanding diet. He begins with a cardio routine of between 30 and 50 minutes. Then, after an aperitif, the heaviest part follows.

It is based on a training of 6 days a week, with the rest to rest. In general, he focuses on one muscle group daily, although sometimes he adds another one. The series usually oscillate between 3 and 4, with 12 or 15 repetitions per exercise, added to a time for the abs.

Day by day routine

The Rock told that start on Mondays by working your chest and legs, with exercises like press banking, the curl bent hammer, barbell squat, press and curl sitting. It continues on Tuesdays with back, for which it applies row with inclined bar, with dumbbells, inverted, pull-ups and shrug.

Wednesdays are meant for the shoulders, with movements like press with dumbbells, press military, front and side raises. Coming to Thursdays, Johnson returns to exercising his legs, but this time with his arms. In this case, apply curl of biceps, curl hammer, tricep curl and spider curl, among others.

At the end of the week, he dedicates himself to chest on Fridays, when he practices press bench with bar, press with dumbbells (bench and incline) and curl of inclined hammer. This day also repeat some back exercises. Saturdays they are destined for the legs, very important to your routine, and to your abs. As for Sundays, he takes a well-deserved break.

The amount of weight that Dwayne Johnson lifts is very high and cannot be applied to just anyone.

Consider the details of Dwayne Johnson's diet and routine

Although not everyone can spend so many hours exercising and eating so abundantly, some tips from the job of The Rock they can work if you want to gain more muscle. For that, it is important to perform the exercises with the correct postures and without excessive demands on weight, which can cause injuries or future problems.

On the other hand, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist to establish a healthy diet plan, adapted to the body and focused on a specific goal. Protein supplements cannot be taken just like that either. It is preferable to have professional advice.