Duck with orange recipe: step by step

Duck with orange is a simple, delicious and low-calorie dish. Discover the step by step on how to prepare it and some of the benefits it brings in this article.

Last update: June 09, 2021

Duck with orange is a delicious dish that you can prepare to surprise your loved ones. It is a recipe from the most classic repertoire of French cuisine that, unlike what many believe, is easy to prepare.

In addition, the duck meat has a strong flavor and its baked skin is a real delicacy. Read on and learn the preparation.

Duck with orange recipe

You will be surprised how exquisite this dish is. In fact, the most surprising thing it has is its sauce: a combination of sweet and sour that perfectly accompanies the flavor and texture of this meat.

The ingredients for its preparation are basic and the process simple. It is about achieving a mixture between the orange with part of the duck roast liquid and a glass of brandy. Here we detail what you will need

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General ingredients

  • 1 medium orange.
  • 150 milliliters of brandy.
  • 100 milliliters of orange juice.
  • 1 tablespoon of virgin olive oil.
  • 1 clean whole duck of 1.5 kilograms, approximately.
  • Condiments: salt to taste, a pinch of rosemary and thyme.

For the sauce

  • Zest of 1 orange.
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar.
  • 50 milliliters of apple cider vinegar.
  • 1 dessert teaspoon of cornstarch.
  • 200 milliliters of duck broth (you get it from baked duck).
Duck is a white meat that does not differ much in its preparation and baking when compared to chicken.

Step by step for the elaboration

The preparation and baking of the duck must be done by following these steps:

  1. First, peel an orange and cut it into 4 parts. Place it in a bowl and let it marinate for 1 hour with the brandy glass.
  2. Meanwhile, clean the duck of any grease residue it may have. Do it also on the inside. When you finish, start to salt the inside and fill it with the orange that you left to marinate.
  3. Place the meat in a deep oven-safe tray, add salt to the outside and pour with the maceration liquid. Also add the tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Spread with your hands all over the duck for flavor.
  4. Now it is time to place in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius. Usually cooks in 1.5 hours, but this time can be variable. Halfway through the process, remove the duck and water again; this time with its own juices and with the rest of the brandy. Cover with aluminum foil to prevent overcooking.
  5. While you wait for the cooking to complete, cut the orange peel (try not to use the white part) into thin strips and put it in a container with boiled water for 2 minutes. This process, which is called bleached or scalding, it will remove the bitter taste. Drain the orange peel and reserve.

On the other hand, you are going to prepare the sweet and sour sauce as follows:

  1. Place the sugar in a skillet, turn the kitchen on to crown heat and cook until the caramel forms. With care so that you do not burn, Add the vinegar, cornstarch and orange juice. Stir and continue cooking until it has reduced by half.
  2. When it's time to remove the duck, scoop up the baking juice with a ladle and add it to the sauce. To prevent it from getting cold, cover the meat again with the aluminum foil.
  3. Also add the strips that you had reserved in the pan, the orange zest and cook 5 more minutes. After this time, the sauce will be ready.

After you have finished with the previous steps, it is time to serve the duck with orange. Ideally, you should chop it up and serve it with plenty of sauce on top.. You can accompany it with a fresh salad or with potatoes.

Duck meat benefits

Duck is among the foods in the category of meats and derivatives. More precisely, it belongs to the group of poultry meat.

Among the benefits that the consumption of this food can have, several can be mentioned. And it is that it has different nutritional principles that are responsible for the positive effects on the body.

In relation to this, the book of the Spanish Nutrition Foundation indicates that 100 grams of duck meat provide the following nutrients:

  • 2 milligrams of iron.
  • 22 grams of protein.
  • 14 grams of fat.
  • 10 milligrams of calcium.
  • 280 milligrams of potassium.
  • 2.7 milligrams of zinc.
  • 15 milligrams of magnesium.
  • 24 micrograms of vitamin A.
  • 1.6 micrograms of vitamin B5.
  • 3 micrograms of vitamin B12.

Provides quality proteins

First, Duck is a source of protein of high biological value. This means that the structural protein units that compose it have all the amino acids necessary for the body. Among the functions of this nutrient, we can mention that it forms tissues and strengthens the immune system.

The duck provides vitamins and minerals. Because it is a fairly lean meat, it is also noted that its contribution in unhealthy fats is low.

Promotes cell function

The minerals it provides, especially zinc, selenium, potassium and magnesium, play an important role in cell function. Also, vitamins and minerals They stimulate the functioning of the immune system and the correct performance of the thyroid.

Protects the nervous system

Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, together with vitamin B12 or cobalamin, collaborate with the functioning of the nervous system. Their function is to favor the chemical stimuli necessary for it to be possible to send neuronal signals.

Duck with orange is a healthy dish

In addition to the fact that this dish is a real delight, not too much effort is required in its preparation. As you may have seen, the only thing it could have against it is that it needs baking time.

On the other hand, the meat of this bird provides health benefits and the cooking process that it takes makes it a low-calorie meal, which means that the duck with orange can be eaten calmly within a healthy diet. Write down what you need and go ahead and prepare the recipe.

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