Drinking coffee with butter has become fashionable, but does it have any benefits?

It all started a few years ago, when David Asprey, a famous businessman, biohacker guru, nutritionist and author, made it fashionable. It was he who observed during a trip to Tibet how the monks mixed butter with tea and then decided to create their own version, looking for a more nutritious drink. That's how it came the famous buttered coffee he named bulletproof coffee (bulletproof coffee). Its ingredients? Coffee, butter and some MCT oil, that made from coconut oil and palm kernel.

At the time, Asprey created even his own brand of coffee with butter, a drink that included in the paleo diet and ketogenic diet, that we've heard so much about lately. That's why fitness supporters are consuming it again: you just need to take a walk on Instagram, where the #bulletproofcoffee hashtag accumulates almost half a million tickets.

What benefits does coffee with butter have?

Fans of this drink highlight their energy power. Also the satiating ability it has, ensuring that once you take it you are able to face a day of up to six hours without eating again. Shelling its ingredients, we found some advantages:

– Butter is a fat of slow absorption.

– MCT oil (its acronym in English refers to "medium triglyceride chain") goes directly to the liver, where stores as energy and not as fat.

– And coffee is a rich one antioxidant source.


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Seen this way, coffee with butter convinces, because instead of being a sugar chute for the body, it provides a satiating flow of energy. So, where is the problem? Basically what is it about a drink with enough calories (Depending on the quantities, you can reach up to 300 for a simple cup). And on the other hand, it is poor in quality nutrients: it only provides energy, but not vitamins, proteins or minerals, essential substances for a good breakfast. To this we must add that butter is a saturated fat, which if abused, can be detrimental to our cardiovascular health.

Conclusion? Like everything, if it is taken it must be done in moderation. Can be a good option in hair, keto or ketogenic diets, but we must not abuse it.

Coffee Butter Recipe

Keep in mind that this drink will never be a substitute for a complete and balanced breakfast. But if you feel like trying it, if only for curiosity, here is your recipe. They say its flavor is similar to that of coffee with milk, but with a denser texture.


  • 1 cup of coffee alone.
  • 1 tablespoon MCT or coconut oil.
  • 2 tablespoons butter at room temperature

We just have to beat it well so that the oil and butter fat dissolve. We can choose to beat the mixture in a blender or preheat the butter to melt and make it easier to incorporate.

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