Drinking 25 coffees a day is not bad for the heart (it's another thing for you to sleep)

Just three weeks ago we knew the data of a study that revealed that taking two cups of coffee a day could mean increasing our life expectancy by two years. However, some voices disagreed with the researchers and pointed out that that daily caffeine intake could not be good for the health of the heart.

Today we know, thanks to a new study, that these two coffees have no influence on the arteries and are not responsible for any cardiovascular disease. But the research goes much further and points out that people who take up to 25 coffees daily you can be sure that this drink It will not affect your heart.

The research, which has been partially funded by the British Heart Foundation, has analyzed 8,412 people across the United Kingdom. The results conclude that drinking five cups of coffee a day is not worse for the arteries than drinking less than one daily cup. They even point out that taking 25 coffees does not harm our arterial health.

The same possibilities

The scientists divided the study participants into three groups: those who drank a cup of coffee once in a while, who enjoyed one to three coffees a day and who drank more than 3 cups of coffee each day, reaching in some cases up to 25. The average in this last group was five coffees newspapers.

All the participants underwent magnetic resonance and other tests to know the state of their arteries. In addition, factors such as age, weight and whether each person was a smoker were taken into account. And the researchers discovered that the chances of having stiff arteries were the same for people who drank less than a daily cup of coffee than those who drank up to 25 coffees a day.

Dr. Kenneth Fung, one of the authors of the study, explains to The Guardian that "despite the great popularity of coffee around the world, some studies could make people stop enjoying it. But although we can not demonstrate a causal link in this study, our research indicates that the coffee is not so bad for the arteries as previous studies would suggest. "

Our research indicates that coffee is not as bad for the arteries as previous studies would suggest

In the same vein was Professor Metin Avkiran, medical director of the British Heart Foundation: "The research Discards one of the possible harmful effects of coffee on our arteries"What was not analyzed in this study was whether the participants had trouble getting the sleep after drinking coffee … especially those who drank 25 cups a day.