Don't you eat hot food in summer? It's a mistake

One of the star dishes when the heat arrives (and summer) is the gazpacho. With the high temperatures we only want fresh and simple dishes, which take away the sensation of heat and also be rich.

There is no doubt that cold creams, smoothies and salads become the protagonists of the diet, but … What if we told you that eating hot dishes cooled more in the long term? Yes, as you hear it, you read. We have always banished soups or good lentils when May arrives, but according to science, it is better to consume these dishes to avoid heat.


It has a very simple explanation: the digestion of cold foods generates a temperature rise in the body. This, added to the initial state of the cold (), makes the body increase, even more if possible, its temperature. So we will have more heat than at the beginning.

However when we eat hot food, the signal sent by the brain is to cool, so the body temperature will decrease and therefore, you will have less heat. Something like this happens with spicy laments; the body fights them in the same way.

If you do not have air conditioning at home it is very easy to pass the heat wave: Eat something hot and spicy, the first drink will not be very pleasant, but in the long term you will feel much better.

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