Don't play it: these are the foods you should never order in a restaurant

Unless, for some reason that we are not going to investigate, you spend your life eating at restaurants, generally go to one always is cause for joy or celebration. In Spain we eat well And the meetings usually take place in these places, whether they are between friends who have not seen each other in a long time or between co-workers who are going to discuss an important topic. With bread the penalties are less.

So maybe when you go to your favorite restaurant You don't usually ask how long that pot of ketchup has been there on the table or how fresh is the bread they offered you just now. Regardless of whether it is the establishment that has a lot of Michelin stars or the tasca which you go down to every Friday, 'Eat this, not that' decided to list everything you shouldn't touch if you want preserve an iron stomach for many years.

Lemon in the drink? No thanks

It is quite common that you serve sangria, cola or any other substitute with fruit inside. Lemon, orange, lime … they add flavor to what you are taking, but perhaps it is not recommended that you eat it. According to the food blogger Michelle Stansbury, waiters often do not have the same sanitary standards as the kitchen, and it is likely that those slices are not washed or remain outside for days without being refrigerated. Have you ever seen the worker wash his hands to put the lime in the glass? We don't remember either.

Have you ever wondered how long that tomato jar is on the table or if the bread is fresh?

Furthermore, a study with 76 lemons in 21 different restaurants, carried out in 'The Journal of environmental Health'found that 53 of them contained microbial growth, and upon deep analysis, it was found that it was E.Coli.

Raw sprouts

Typical of Asian food and also vegan. Sometimes they are also incorporated in salads and sandwiches, but it may be a mistake. It is possible that they are breeding grounds for Salmonella, Listeria, and E.coli. Yum, you better not play it.

Tap water

Ok, yeah, we all get a bit annoying having to pay for a bottle of water when they can give us a free glass from the tap (or, failing that, a jug). But sometimes, depending on how they are plumbing and faucet leakage, could be accompanied by harmful contaminants such as chlorine or lead. If you want to know more, you can read the signs that the one in your house may be bad.


If you don't like them, what you take with you, but if you always want to drink this (fake) aphrodisiac, maybe you should know that Candess Zona-Mendolla, editor of '', does not recommend them at all: "They are carriers of dreadful diseases produced by bacteria such as Vibrio. Especially now in summer. "But she points out that it refers only to raw mollusks, if they have been cooked they are ready to eat.

The classic buffet where you put your boots on

You eat with two cheeks and, of course, you repeat several times until you think that you are going to explode because "totally, it will cost me the same." Turn around. Any dish that has been out there too long is a breeding ground for food poisoning.

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Although in recent times the quality of these foodsYes, they continue to be at risk of contamination from other customers or employees. Above all, be sure to avoid spoon dishes and remember that hot food It must be that way.

Don't order fish on Monday

The deceased Anthony Bourdain, chef and writerHe once wrote that if you choose this dish on a Monday, it will probably be three days old. Better to wait a few more days, nothing happens either.

Unpasteurized cheeses, neither

In the process of pasteurization, milk is heated to a high temperature for a specified period of time to protect bacteria and kill harmful organisms. But nevertheless, certain soft cheeses such as brie, fresh, or camembert they don't have that process. You know what that can mean.

Freshly squeezed juices

The truth is that it sounds very appetizing for breakfast, but you still have to reconsider the decision for the same reason that you are going to go from adding toppings to your drink (go back to point one). Fresh juices often are full of bacteria, unlike pasteurized ones, so don't play it.