Don’t hold on to a love that hurts more than it’s worth

Love is not related to constant suffering, therefore, on those occasions you have to close the door on them.

Last update: 28 January, 2022

Love is a feeling that all people need to experience to be happy. Well allows them to feel important, to express their purest emotions and be aware that you have unconditional support.

However, this feeling is complex, because disagreements can also exist in love relationships. Not all people have exactly the same ideas.

However, in transparent and sincere love these inconsistencies are resolved with respect. Well, the only objective is to protect the well-being and integrity of each of the people involved.

Because of that, healthy love is never related to suffering. In those cases, the only thing that ends up flowing are the negative feelings that take away people’s energy.

Detect painful loves

Love is reciprocity, complicity and understanding because only then does a person feel that they are made to feel special. In addition, he understands that he can open his whole heart, due to the fact that they are going to take care of giving him the same quality affection.

In the same way, equal treatment is what allows a person to really feel supported and cared for. Well, it identifies that the other person is going to carry out all the actions thinking of protecting him.

As a result, true love heals, comforts and enriches a person’s life. This, because each action is responsible for filling with motivation and strength to move forward in the best way.

Therefore, all people must close the door forever to the supposed loves that insist on causing discomfort. The only thing they feed is confusion, insecurity and frustration.

In addition, people who give love that hurts act with the intention of manipulating and feeling more powerful. Because of this, at all times they make the other person feel guilty for the bad thing that happens and they have no aspect to highlight.

Apart from that factor, loves that hurt make a person stay stagnant because he does not find the desire to continue with his projects. Likewise, she is submerged in tears and sadness, as she comes to believe that she does not deserve anything positive.

Drive away the loves that frustrate

In this way, at the first warning sign that indicates that you are facing a love of that type, it is essential to nip it at the root. Well, a person that he truly loves does not need the other to beg him to behave well.

In the same way, staying in front of a painful love is hurting oneself, because the possibility of finding happiness stagnates. In addition, the wrong person is given more time to continue sowing anguish and despair in the heart.

To give place to a painful love is to dedicate yourself to wasting time, since positive illusions are not allowed to flow. Apart from this, the longing to find freedom and respect in any circumstance vanishes.

Therefore, it is vital to end loves that only have the intention of harming. That is the essential step to protect mental health and get back on the path to relationships that do generate benefits.

Final reflection

Isolating painful loves is the best way a person can show that they love and value each other in addition. He then implies that he does not deserve any ill treatment and, therefore, walks away with dignity.

Added to this, saying goodbye to a painful love in time is to protect the well-being that a person so desires. He gives no place in his life to people who have malicious and authoritarian intentions.

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