Does the quarantine start to take its toll? Take care of your health avoiding these bad habits

At the beginning of this quarantine that has made all of us Spaniards stay at home, I am sure that the list of good purposes flooded our minds. But as the days go by, you probably don't even remember which one was the first, the third, or the last. Obviously, if we spend the whole day at home, it is normal that our sleep schedules are affected, We are invaded from time to time by anxiety and let ourselves be carried away by the odd vice that we had more or less overcome.

The first thing is don't blame yourself too much if we see the days go by and our attitude is not the best. And second, to use all our rational capacity to 'turn the omelette' and handle this quarantine with good disposition. Mood is also a reflection of the way we feed and live, so it is essential to stay healthy and disciplined so that this process is not worse.

Avoid excessive information, if you are aware of the minute minute by minute news, you are more at risk of developing anxiety pictures

To solve it, you first have to realize what we are doing wrong. And once the problem is located, remedy it before those bad habits that we have started to adopt become routine and we can not eliminate them after our day to day. Although you may incur these acts, remember that we are living an exceptional moment in which it is normal for us to feel weak and not act as we would like. Much encouragement for these days and stay at home, pending your own, regardless of all these mistakes you may fall into.

Spending too much time in front of the TV

In a crisis like the one we are experiencing, it is normal for us to feel the need to be informed of what happens at all times; basically because what is happening after all has affected each and every one of the lives of all of us. The most classic information medium continues to be television, despite the fact that the internet and social networks are the most widely used on an individual level. Also, special programs dealing with the coronavirus crisis have multiplied on the screen (and there really is hardly any other topic to talk about).

To calm hunger, it is best to opt for fresh fruit: it is a great source of vitamins, so you will be more immunized against the virus

Above all, avoid excessive information, since if you are aware of the current situation minute by minute, you are more likely to develop anxiety pictures than if you try to disconnect a bit from the subject. On the other hand, your body probably doesn't like the idea of spend the whole day sitting on the couch or bedridden. Even if you can't leave home, there are many exercise options to do indoors. Therefore, draw your will power and return to physical activity to notice the most relaxed body and the most awakened mind.

Drinking a lot

The use and consumption of alcohol is quite paradoxical: we drink when we celebrate something important and also to alleviate the bad news. Or simply out of boredom. This conception of spirits and fermented beverages is very dangerous. Recently, supermarkets and grocery stores have perceived that, along with the toilet paper, The products that have run out sooner have been beer, wine or distilled beverages.

Being locked up at home also causes us to get a little out of hand with the bottle, a problem that is urgent to tackle, since alcohol is still a very addictive drug that ends up taking its toll on the body. And not only that, but if consumed in excess it can decrease the resistance of our immune system to viruses and bacteria, a defense mechanism so essential in these times. Therefore, do not risk it.

Eat late

How many times have you got up in the middle of the night for a 'snack'? Surely more than one, and it really is this kind of thing that makes we can gain more weight from the account, not so much physical inactivity. Anxiety also causes these types of cravings. To calm hunger or those irrepressible desire to put something in your mouth, it is best to opt for fresh fruit: it is a great source of vitamins, with which you will be more immunized against the virus or possible diseases.

Excessive smoking

This is another of the consequences of having anxiety: and it is that in periods like this, the way that many have to calm the nerves is only to light another cigarette, something not healthy at all and taking into account that the disease that we all know directly attacks the lung. Calm your craving for smoking by hooking yourself to other healthier products, whether they are fruit, tea or nuts. If you think you need to leave it urgently, you can ask for help in the pharmacy with medicines to eliminate tobacco monkey. Right now it is vitally important that you take care of yourself, quite the opposite of what this vice produces for you.