Does the banana get fat? Lie: this and other hoaxes about diets to lose weight

When we start a slimming diet There are many doubts, but above all, many foods that we do not know if we should consume, either for their properties or for their caloric intake. The banana It is one of those delicacies that as soon as you start a regimen, they disappear from our lives because of their calories, but also after their sugars. If you want to lose weight, do not drink bananas, avocados or custard apples. And for nothing in the world, eat grapes or melon. That is what some say. But it's true? Or is it the widespread hoax that fruit is fattening?

Willing to campaign for snacks (we have even the relevant 'tupper' with its shape, in bright yellow, of course), we have compiled the more widespread hoaxes when we talk about food, but above all, slimming diets. Ready, Set, Go! To eat (or not).

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In order to deny false beliefs about food, the pharmaceutical company Gemma del Caño, the dietitian Pablo Ojeda and the nutritionist Beatriz Robles have carried out The guide of the bulos in feeding that is available for free and that it disputes all those comments, that surely, you have heard sometime in life, "do not eat fruit, fatten it double", it may be the most famous. There are the most popular:

Banana, the forbidden fruit

You know how many calories does a banana have? If it is medium sized, approximately 105 so it is a snack rather than healthy. It has sugars, yes, but natural from the fruit, not harmful at all. In addition, it is very satiating, so you will not go hungry, something very important in a diet in which the goal is to lose weight. It improves intestinal transit due to its high levels of fiber and is the ideal fruit for any time of the day. The next time they tell you that the banana gets fat, remember these words.

Eating fruit is very bad

False. And besides, neither the melon nor the watermelon are indigestible at night. Watermelon is a light dinner perfect for summer. Fresh and healthy, you can take it in the amounts you want. What is the worst that can happen in that case? You go to the bathroom at night due to its high percentage of water.

Water and the juice of a lemon, the holy grail of beauty

Is the lemon really as good as organism scrubber? No. Moreover, it does not purify or make you lose weight instantly. We doubt the models when they affirm that the secret of their figure is this ritual. According to the guide: "Lemon has a significant amount of E-330 but it can also be found in many other foods, so there is no nutrient in it that justifies any purifying effect on the body." Myth solved.

Sweeteners are bad for your health

According to the three experts no, since "all additives are safe". The problem is that we sweeten everything, and we are accustoming the palate to an unnecessary level of sweetness in all foods. It is not bad to sweeten certain things, such as coffee or yogurt with a little stevia, but incorporate them into the diet at all, especially when we do not find a healthy sweetener and go to sugar, it is not recommended at all.

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