Does the 5G of your mobile phone cause contagion by coronavirus? And what does Bill Gates have to do with all this?

Not a day goes by that news about coronavirus give us some scare. Now we wonder if it is safe to eat salmon due to the outbreak in China. And although there are also hopes, such as that provided by the medicine against infection, now the combination of Twitter, singers such as Miguel Bosé and Enrique Bunbury And fake news has made paranoia make us think badly about even the coverage of our mobile phones. Even the WHO has had to rule on it, and for us to remain calm, it has declared that no, that 5G mobile phone networks DO NOT spread COVID-19. Where does this hoax about coronavirus and 5G come from and why is it gaining popularity on social media?

Around with 5G since March

The hoax of electromagnetic waves and the coronavirus comes from afar. At the beginning of the pandemic, COVID 19 itself was accused of not being the real problem of the health emergency. The real enemy was 5G, which was accused of weakening our immune system and make it easier for people to die from a simple flu. The WHO then had to remind us that in recent years some 25,000 investigations have been carried out on the effects of low intensity electromagnetic fields (as is 5G) about human health. The conclusion of those studies? That 5G is indifferent to our health.

But what is 5G? Well, a new technology that allows our mobile phones to work more and better. All the waves that use both smartphones and Wi-Fi in our homes are non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. And what does that mean for those of us who don't know physics? Well, it does not have the capacity to affect our cells. Conclusion: that it is safe and does not affect our health or our ability to become infected by the coronavirus.

Lose your fear of 5G, it's more than proven that it does nothing.

Is it all to blame for Bill Gates?

Now in a Hollywood-worthy twist celebrities like Enrique Bunbury and Miguel Bosé have joined the new conspiracy that combines 5G and coronavirus, but this time it goes one step further: they accuse Bill Gates of having an evil plan that basically consists of creating a pandemic to offer a vaccine against the pandemic that inoculates nanobots in the world population and thus to be able to control human beings sending orders through 5G to the inoculated nanobots. There is nothing.

But the conspiracy theories that target mobile phone technology are not really new, they've been around for decades. The same accusations of shadowy evil plot and threat to world health occurred when the first mobiles, the first microwaves and 2G technology were created, back in 1990.

The experts Marc Tuters (professor of new media and digital culture at the University of Amsterdam) and Peter Knight (Professor of American Studies at the University of Manchester), they have analyzed all the theories that circulate about coronavirus and 5G (there are up to eleven different ones) and have reached a conclusion in the specific case that concerns Bill Gates: that behind this information there is more politics than science.


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"The accusation that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or George Soros They planned the coronavirus pandemic is a version of the right wing conspiracy fantasies. There is a mounting evidence that far-right groups they are opportunistically using fear and uncertainty around the pandemic to promote their policy, ”they say.

Ignore the Twitter hoaxes

For his part, Wasim Ahmed, Professor of Digital Business, University of Newcastle, and Joseph Downing, researcher at the London School of Economics, have conducted a study on the 5G conspiracy theory on Twitter in the UK (where people got to burn 5G antennas). They analyzed tweets made in April 2020 and found that there was a specific account created just to spread hoaxes over 5G: @ 5gcoronavirus19. The account sent 303 tweets on the subject in just seven days. Is or are 43 tweets a day on the same topic… unnatural behavior for a common Twitter user.

The problem for these experts was when an influential figure in the networks fueled those tweets… that's when the number of retweets grew and the topic gained weight on social networks. That is why it is more important for your health that you do not retweet fake news than to protect yourself from 5G … remember, that information is being written by an anonymous person since no one knows where or with what intentions 43 times a day… Isn't that much more suspicious than Bill Gates' nanobots?

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