Does Paula Ordovás have the world's tidiest fridge? Yes and we have tips (very simple) with which you will not die trying if you want the same

A couple of days ago the influencer Paula Ordovás He shared with his followers how he organized his fridge through his Instagram account. We, then, are left to think that, unfortunately, the refrigerator that we have at home is not at all like a refrigerator that Marie Kondo would approve of.

We do not have it distributed by colors, not everything in perfectly organized jars, much less shines with the neatness of a diamond. Sorry, but it is so. What has made us think that it is time to change the situation and order. Yes, also in firgorífico. And it is that, when you see the video of Paula Ordovás, you will understand everything. Who doesn't want to open the fridge door and see that?

The key? Organize everything by food groups, store food in transparent containers and jars so that we know what is in each of them and have snacks on hand so as not to choose unhealthy foods between meals.

Too Good To Go, the app that fights against food waste also reveals that the key to a perfect fridge is to buy with your head, above all, so as not to waste food now that we spend more times at the supermarket spending more time at home.

“84% of the food that is wasted in the homes usually corresponds to unused products, that is to say, that as they were bought they went to the garbage. This is largely due to over-purchasing or poor management and conservation. For this reason, in the current situation we must be even more responsible and careful, buying consciously but also using all the resources and tools we have in our homes, "explains Helena Calvo, responsible for raising awareness about food waste in the app.

Video:Marie Kondo: method to organize your kitchen

Welcome be the order

You no longer have an excuse, ordering your fridge should be one of the tasks you do this weekend. And it will be easier if you follow these tips:

-TEMPERATURE: the most recommended thing is that your refrigerator is at 5ºC so that the food is preserved in the best way. No more no less.

-EVERY SHELF HAS ITS FUNCTION: just like Paula did, the fridge has to be divided. If everything is in its place it will always be much easier to collect, it will also help when it comes to preserving food since each one has a reserved space in different parts of the fridge.

-THE FREEZER: It is the best ally to prolong the life of food. The ideal temperature is -18ºC and there we will keep the meat, the frozen ones, the tuppers … everything that we are not going to consume immediately. Although be careful, there are foods that you should never put in the freezer.

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