Does drinking sugar really get old?

Sugar has been a few years a product that carries a large label of insane and dangerous food for its studied relationship with some diseases. It is associated with obesity, diabetes and even cancer. Will sugar also play a leading role in premature cell aging? Does drinking sugar age us?

One more factor in the aging process

Not only external aggressions such as exposure to the sun and pollution are the culprits of premature aging of the skin in the first stay and of the organism in general, Feeding is a fundamental factor when it comes to keeping the body young and healthy, in addition to stress and physical activity.

Oxidation and glycation, which causes sugar to be consumed, would play a fundamental role. Oxidation would occur when free radicals that cause tissue aging occur in the body. The glycation, however, would have to do with the glucose levels that the organism presents, this process would cause a progressive deterioration of the tissues. According to the Professor of Pharmacology of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Navarra, Jesús Honorato Pérez, explains that “glycation is a slow reaction of sugars, such as glucose and ribose, with certain proteins. It is understood as a spontaneous reaction the blood glucose with the collagen and elastin fibers. The substances resulting from glycation accumulate both inside and outside the cells, significantly influencing the aging process"

In short, when you drink sugar, this glucose binds to certain proteins, generating harmful substances that affect elastic and collagen, that is, you get old. And you may wonder why does glucose bind to proteins? Well, very simple, sugar provides energy to cells but to reach them you need to move through molecules that serve as a vehicle, usually insulin. If there is an excess of blood glucose, what happens is that the sugar ends up traveling to the cells joining the proteins such as elastin and collagen, producing glycation, making the collagen more rigid and causing aging.

Drinking sugar makes us look older

A study conducted at the University of Leiden (Netherlands), concluded that there was a clear connection between the amount of blood sugar and the age of a person, that is, their level of aging. Do you think you can tell with the naked eye that you are a regular consumer of sugar? Seems that if.

The researchers studied blood sugar levels in 600 people, men and women, aged between 50 and 70 years. They also took into account factors such as their lifestyle, whether they were smokers, weight, gender … With all these parameters, they concluded that those who had a higher blood sugar level were older than those who had lower levels.

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Hidden sugar

Eliminating refined sugar from the diet is essential to keep the body healthy and young but not just eliminating the teaspoons of sugar in coffee would suffice. Forget about soft drinks, industrial pastries, cakes … and Always read the labels very well because you can find camouflaged sugar in almost any product, cans of peas, serrano ham, pickles, fried tomatoes … it is very important to stop and look at the ingredients of the products you buy because it can make a difference.

From now on you should not only take care of the sun, pollution and junk food, try to keep blood glucose levels low to avoid accelerating cell aging. Say goodbye to sugar and enjoy for much longer the health of your body and the youth of your skin, a gesture that acts as a beauty flash and is proven to work.

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