Does chlorophyll water have benefits? This is why celebrities like Reese Witherspoon take it

2019 was the year in which the triumphs triumphed green drinks. We already saw how celery juice became the favorite of Ariadne Artiles to improve the appearance of your skin. Also how matcha tea was consolidated as the best Kardashian trick to accelerate metabolism. And it seems that this fashion for the green points in the same direction this 2020, since lately there is something that many talk about: the benefits of chlorophyll water. He has them? Is it healthy to drink it? And why has it become fashionable?

It all started when a few months ago Reese Witherspoon told some of his secrets to be fit for the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar. “In addition to drinking a lot of water every day, I also drink green smoothies. I make them with spinach, lettuce, banana and apple, ”he explained. "But also I put a few drops of chlorophyll in the water and this is what helps me to eliminate the granites. It tastes awful, like you eat grass, but it really works. ”

And it seems that the Big Little Lies actress is not the only fan of chlorophyll. So is Mandy Moore, who confessed to the Mind Body Green publication that He took it to improve his intestinal transit.

Benefits of chlorophyll water, is it healthy to drink it?

If you return to the knowledge classes for a moment, you will remember that chlorophyll is the pigment that makes plants green and whose main function is photosynthesis. Well then Chlorophyll also eats. And not only in the form of chewing gum with this flavor.

Liquid chlorophyll is sold in this format precisely as nutritional supplement. The reason? It may have some benefits, as celebrities say, But science warns that not everyone is tested as they should.

– Chlorophyll has antimicrobial properties: that is, it could protect us from dangerous microorganisms. In fact, for years it has been used as a natural remedy to heal wounds. However, this property has only been tested in ointments made with chlorophyll, not in the water that contains it.

– And as for acne? Reese Witherspoon says that it helps to end the granites … and well, reason is not lacking. Several studies have confirmed that This substance applied to the skin can improve mild acne, minimize the appearance of pores and even reduce the signs of aging.

Now still there are not enough studies that can prove that drinking chlorophyll water is related to weight loss. So, at the moment, it seems that it is not the best complement if we seek to get in shape.

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