Does brewer’s yeast help increase muscle mass?

If you want to gain muscle mass efficiently, you will need to ensure that essential nutrient requirements are met. For this, brewer’s yeast can help.

Last update: September 19, 2022

Brewer’s yeast is a quality food that could help increase muscle mass if consumed correctly. It must be taken into account that the hypertrophy process is conditioned by several factors and that it takes time.

Results are not achieved overnight. In addition, the diet in general will have to be optimized; not only will it be enough to include a certain product.

Supplements or food supplements are the tip of the pyramid. They are fine for improving performance and getting closer to goals when everything else has been set up correctly. Otherwise, they will only serve to lose money. That’s why it’s key to focus on routines first.

Benefits of brewer’s yeast

First of all, it should be noted that brewer’s yeast is a source of various vitamins, such as those of group B. It also provides protein, although of low biological value.

These are lacking in some essential amino acid and have low digestibility. However, they serve to complete the daily contribution. Getting a sufficient protein intake is key to maximizing hypertrophy, as evidenced by research published in the journal Nutrients.

Keep in mind that brewer’s yeast also contains antioxidants. Excessive consumption of these elements in the context of exercise is not positive. They could inhibit cell communication and block the growth of lean mass.

Nevertheless, a moderate intake will be key to avoid muscle damage and to optimize recovery. This is confirmed by a study published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Finally, it is key to emphasize the need to increase the calories in the guideline to achieve hypertrophy. Otherwise, no increase in lean tissue can be experienced.

Yeast can help with this, especially when combined with other nutrients and calorie-dense foods. Of course, it is not advisable to go too far to avoid an excessive increase in fat weight, which would be negative.

Without the proper mechanical stimulus, excess calories would be converted to fat mass. There must be a balance between diet and exercise.

How can you take brewer’s yeast?

There are several ways to consume brewer’s yeast. The most common is to buy it in pharmacies or in specialized stores in the form of capsules.

They may contain other nutrients inside, such as iron or zinc. This depends a bit on the formulation used by each matrix.

What should be done in these cases is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid an excess of certain elements, such as vitamin C. This has been shown to improve immune function, but in very high amounts it will block adaptation to exercise.

On the other hand, it is possible to find powdered brewer’s yeast. It is usually cheaper, which is why it is the preferred option of many.

It can be combined with foods such as yogurt or whipped fresh cheese. There is even the alternative of incorporating it with coffee or milk. With juice it also works. In the same way as in the previous case, it will be important to respect the manufacturer’s recommendations.

In general, it will not be positive to include more than 3-4 grams of brewer’s yeast per day in the diet, divided into several doses. We must avoid blocking muscular adaptations. When planning hypertrophy, the most appropriate is a progression medium term that prevents the genesis of fat mass.

Finally, it should be noted that this type of product should always be purchased in specialized stores. It is key that they have certificates or seals that guarantee their purity and quality, as well as the absence of doping substances. This will be more important in the case of elite athletes.

Hypertrophy supplements must be certified by an institution. In addition to acquiring them in a trusted site.

Consume brewer’s yeast to increase your muscle mass

Brewer’s yeast can be regularly included in the guideline with the aim of increasing muscle mass. It will not be a revolutionary element for hypertrophy, but it will contribute if the rest of the habits have been taken care of.

Keep in mind that ensuring that protein requirements are met and creating a hypercaloric framework will be key to achieving success over the months. Also, don’t forget to give rest the attention it deserves.

At least 8 hours of sleep per night is necessary so that the recovery and adaptation processes are carried out efficiently. Otherwise, hormonal production and endogenous protein synthesis could be altered, something terrible for the objective we set.

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