Does avocado make you fat?

Do you want to know if avocado is fattening? This has many benefits, so it is important that you know everything it offers. Discover it here!

Last update: November 10, 2021

Despite the fact that avocado has endless benefits, there are always some doubts when consuming it. The first question you have is whether avocado makes it fat.

These types of beliefs are present because of the nutritional content that the fruit has. This is something that could cause you to gain a little body weight. It is there when people have the fear of knowing if they will gain weight or not.

When you want to eat a balanced diet, as well as consume different types of food, it is recommended know how many calories each contains. In the case of avocado, in 100 grams of it there is between 140 and 150 calories.

Also, it must be taken into account that this fruit weighs approximately 200 grams. In conclusion, avocado has, on average, about 250 calories.

Does avocado make you fat?

When it comes to avocado, the most popular question that often comes up is whether it is fattening. According to experts, avocado, when consumed in isolation, it does not have the power to increase body weight. The same happens with other types of specific foods, regardless of their caloric value.

The weight gain will be due to the sum of all the foods that you are going to consume during the day. Likewise, it will depend on your lifestyle, quality of sleep, the free time you have and the rest.

A fruit that will bring you benefits

There are many elements that are related to this fruit that you should not stop paying attention to. The first thing is that you cannot forget that the avocado is known for its ability to increase satiety.

Similarly, you should be aware that feeling hungry does not mean that your body always needs food. That is why, when you feel that anxiety, avocado is ideal to prevent you from eating in an unnecessary and excessive way.

Many studies confirm that consuming this fruit during meals reduces appetite by more than 40% that you have. This will happen after 2 to 4 hours have passed since you ate the food.

Avocado is ideal for weight loss

Another relevant factor that you should know, regarding avocado and weight gain, is the fat content it has. You may think that cholesterol levels are going to skyrocket. In fact, the opposite will happen, since will help lower cholesterol levels bad and triglycerides are lowered.

By already knowing this, you can be sure if the avocado is fattening or not. This is where it is emphasized that it does not. What’s more, it will help you lose weight. The key to this is going to be as long as you consume them in a correct, intelligent way and without overdoing it.

Thus, keep in mind that this fruit will not do you any harm, so you can consume it whenever you want. The best thing is that you follow a diet that includes avocado and maintain your eating habits. Eat avocado!

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