Does alcohol expire?

We've heard for years that the came It tastes better over the years. The same goes for whiskey, the tequila… The lesson says that: alcohol improves over the years. But if so, what about beer, why cans have preferential consumption date. Do youExpires or does not expire? Why some yes and others no?

The first thing to know is that alcohol does not expire, but some alcoholic beverages have date of consumption preferential. And that is two different concepts. The expiration date is only for microbiologically perishable foods and is not the case for alcohol.

Preferred foods – oil, biscuits, pasta, ripened cheeses, cereals … – are not dangerous after a certain time although they can lose taste qualities.

This is the case of the beer and other low-grade alcoholic drinks.

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The same thing that happens with beer happens with the cardboard wine that is usually used for cooking, musts or cider, while distilled beverages such as vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila or gin and wines (sparkling and flavored wines).

Under optical storage conditions, none of these should be damaged and could be maintained for years.

What happens when the beer consumption date passes? What can happen to me? Any. In theory it would not be harmful to health because it is not a microbiologically perishable product but beer could lose organoleptic qualities.

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