Do you work in front of a screen? Eat chufa

When we say chufa the word comes directly to our heads horchata. They are an inseparable couple, and that is horchata It is one of the favorite drinks when it begins to attack the heat. Fresquita, on a terrace in the sun and always with straw, the juice of this tuber is the most demanded (and famous) especially if you are in the area of ​​Valencia.

If the memories of your childhood are full of glasses of horchata, straws of colors and of course, fartons, we have a piece of news to give you: by consuming tiger nuts as a child, you improved your eye health. And we do not say it ourselves (iron defenders of a horchata on any occasion).

According to a study carried out by various Valencian medical units and with the support of the Generalitat, the tigernut could improve the health of the eyes, especially those who suffer from dryness, since the properties of this food improve the quality of the tear, making the eyes more hydrated.


The study consisted in controlling how 20 women reacted when introduced tiger nut in your diet. The sample, which was between 45 and 70 years old, spent at least six hours a day in front of a computer. During one month, they ingested 30gr of tigernuts daily with great results. The quality of the tear was better and therefore, his eye was much more hydrated since this tuber is rich in plant proteins, antioxidant vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential components when treating eye health and specifically, the problem of dryness for an overexposure to the screen.

If you need more reasons to introduce it to your diet, chufa is rich in fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and good fats … making it an ideal healthy snack now that summer comes.

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