Do you want to lose weight? You only have to take four tablespoons of this food

When you want to lose weight the golden rule is: no to fats. And that also includes oils, especially those that involve a very high caloric intake or those that are not exactly good for the body.

However, the maximum of "you have to eat everything" of the experts is met, as long as that "of everything" refers to unprocessed natural products. Although if your goal is only to lose weight, you will have to keep an eye on the calories so that the process is faster (even if they are natural products).

When we talk about this, the olive oil It can be an indispensable ally, since 'liquid gold' is one of the healthiest and most nutritious oils that we find in the market and also, one of the most useful when cooking.

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What is the right amount of oil you should consume? Four tablespoons, which would be approximately 360 calories a day, so you will have to use them conscientiously. The ideal? One in the morning to dress your toast, two at the time of the commune and one at night. Thus, your dishes will continue to be tasty, nothing boring and you will benefit from their nutritional properties.

You can take less, of course. However, it is not advisable to take more, since even if they are healthy fats, they should not be abused.

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