Do you want to lose weight? You must replace your cravings for these foods

It has always been said that Snacking is the enemy of the diet. Eating between meals, in theory, would not do our weight any favor. However this is not entirely true. Snacking can be healthy and keep the scale numbers at bay if we know how to choose what to eat.

Carlos Ríos, the creator of the 'realfooder' movement (and who has lately become our religion) shows that if you choose foods rich in nutrients and that are not ultraprocessed, the time of snack or snack may be a ritual that enjoy. And this is his advice:

Carlos explains how he fights cravings with these foods:

"This is my top #realfooding removes cravings (understanding as a slight craving to that feeling of hunger to peck between hours or finish the meal with something sweet.) For those who have ultra-processed cravings can be good substitutes More info on cravings on the blog

I choose one or two options:

-2 ounces of chocolate> 85%

-2 handfuls of nuts (especially cashews and pistachios)

-1 natural yogurt

-1 bowl of olives

-1 bowl of homemade popcorn

-2 servings of fruit (~ 300 g) (especially now in summer)

-A coffee (that you can accompany with cinnamon) ".

The best? It will cost you very little to change the chip, since the snacks, besides being healthy, are delicious.

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