Do you want to lose weight? The protein is your answer

Proteins are essential for the construction of structures of our body and the muscles between them. But proteins also help us lose weight for the impact they have on our metabolism and its characteristics.


First because the protein is "satisfactory"That is, it makes you feel satisfied before other macronutrients. The protein can raise the peptide levels in your stomach, which, in turn, sends signals of fullness to the brain. Another reason why it is more satisfying is because they must chew more. According to the Dutch researchers, completely chewing food increases what they call "oro-sensory factors", which send signals of satiety to your brain, which helps you feel full with less food. Study participants who chewed each bite for an additional 3 seconds ended up consuming less.

Research has repeatedly shown that consuming about 30 grams of protein at the time of eating can induce satisfaction and satiety. And how do you know how much is 30 grams. The size and thickness of the palm of your hand can be the solution. Any piece of fish, chicken, veal, tofu of that size and width will approach 30 grams. If you eat eggs, more or less the calculations go like this: three eggs have 21 grams of protein.

The amount of protein you consume is important, but so is the type of protein you are eating. So ask yourself not only if you ate protein today, but also if you ate a different protein than yesterday.


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How it helps to lose weight

Protect the muscle mass or even increase it with a hypertrophy routine is essential to lose weight. The muscle is the most metabolically active tissue that the body has, even when we are at rest, the more we have better because more fat we can burn. We can make a diet where we lower calories, but make sure that protein intake is covered.

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