Do you want to lose weight? Beginner keys to succeed

Losing weight is a process that requires sacrifice, but above all, time. The key to success? Patience. Do not think only of the goal, but to acquire healthy habits to change your lifestyle. Is about change eating routines and not to lose seven kilos in a month, which you will surely gain weight again if you recover your old habits.

Therefore, we have compiled some beginner tips so that the journey to the best version of yourself is not a complete suffering. Here are some tips to survive the process:


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Don't exercise just to 'subtract calories'

It is useless to go only to the gym to compensate for a bad diet. If you lead a life full of excess and ultraprocessed and exercise only to be able to maintain that lifestyle, you are starting to build the house by the roof. Not only will your health be impaired, but it will be very difficult to perpetuate this lifestyle over time. The best thing you can do is go to the gym for health, and with the goal of losing weight (in the long term), but above all, to feel better.

Say yes to real food

A good diet does not consist in not eating anything looking at calories, but in choosing the healthiest options and above all, for real food. Put aside the processed and you will see how you lose weight, but above all, you gain in health.

Do not run

We don't want to say that you don't wear your shoes and go outside, but you don't want to get amazing results in a very short time. The miracle diet is not good for your health, but in addition, you will be very hungry and psychologically you will not be able to maintain such a diet for a long time. The best choice? Choose healthy food and exercise, the rest will come alone. But above all, do not set unattainable goals that can discourage you.

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