Do you want to lose weight and lose your gut? So sign up for the probiotic diet

Probiotic foods are not just an aid to having a bomb-proof immune system, the fact that feed the right strain of bacteria from our gut microbiome It also has a benefit effect that is noticeable when weighed on the scale. But do probiotics really help you lose weight?

Scientific studies have verified that People with obesity and excess weight have a different intestinal microbiota than that of individuals who are thin. Apparently, this alteration of the microbiota affects, among other things, the extraction of energy from food, the metabolism of fatty acids, the synthesis of intestinal hormones (which are involved in the balance between what we eat and what we eat). we spend) and lto regulation of body fat deposits. In conclusion, yes; If you want to lose weight, you better take care of your intestinal bacteria with a probiotic diet.

To follow a probiotic diet you must have some clear concepts. The first is what is probiotic and what is prebiotic. Probiotics are the good bacteria that make us stay healthy and slim and already live in our intestines. And the Prebiotics is what these bacteria feed on. And what do those bacteria like to eat? Foods rich in fiber and in a starch that is especially found in beans.

If you want to lose weight and a flat stomach, make sure that your diet is rich in prebiotic and probiotic foods.

Your best option to have a good amount of these bacteria is Include in your daily diet fresh foods rich in fiber, that is, fruits and vegetables. Believe it or not, vegetables are covered in millions of lactic acid bacteria, some of which, in fact, are the ones used to make probiotic supplements that the doctor sends you when you have had to take antibiotics and your intestinal bacterial strains are under minimum.


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But not only vegetables do your intestinal allies live. Others foods that can not miss in your diet for an intestinal flora healthy are: the yogurt (as long as it is made with live bacteria and is not sugary); miso paste (you can use it to sprinkle the fish or the chicken before cooking them, but be careful that it is very salty); he tempeh (ideal to make it sautéed, marinated or grilled) and pickles lifelong. If you include these foods in your diet and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, the slimming power of bacteria will be with you.

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